Bonnie Wingham 2018 & Clan re-union

Our Clan has been invited to be “Clan of Honour” at Bonnie Wingham 2018 Festival.

There will be many Clan-related activities for you to participate in. Possible activities include:

Thursday 31 May
Genealogy Day – featuring a new edition of David Freeman’s book “McLennans of the Manning”
Evening – McLennan re-union dinner at Wingham Golf Club Function Rooms
Friday 1 June
Poet’s Breakfast
Coach tour – featuring McLennan families homes and stories
Evening – Scot’s Family Night Out
Saturday 2 June
Street Parade – join the McLennan group in the parade
Highland games, pipe bands and fair
Evening – Grand Scottish Ball
Sunday 3 June
Thanksgiving service & blessing of the banners

Wingham is on the main North train line as well as close to the Pacific Motorway.

Booking forms will be available on