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Chief Ruairidh D. G. MacLennan of MacLennan

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(There is some discussion about whether all these names can claim to be associated with the MacLennans - refer to several history books that are available from the Clan Associations.)


Gilfiiman, Gillfiman, Gilfillian, Lenan, Lennan, Lennon, Leonard, Leonerd, Loban, Lobban, Logan, Lyndon, MacAlenon, MacAlinden, MacAlonan, MacClennen, MacClendon, MacLenden, MacLendon, MacLennan, MacLennon, MacLydon, McClendon, McLandon, McLendon, McLennan, McLennon, MackLenddon, MackLenden, MackLendin, MackLendon, Meclendon and Mclendon.

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