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Family Reunions at the Games

submitted by David Jones
Photos by David Jones

"Continuation of the family traditions of the MacLennan clan and septs" is one of the Aims of Clan MacLennan USA.

The Highlands Ranch [Colorado] Games in suburban Denver in August 2007 [and most every year!] is where one family has a huge famiy reunion.

Colleen MacLennan McKeon of our Interim Executive Committee, and her family, invited me to share this wonderful gathering with them.

I think the pictures speak more effectively than 1,000 words, so enjoy this as much as I did!

Friday night, one branch met for dinner at one of the area's many great places and invited me to join them.

Colleen's family

Left to Right: Banning McKeon, Alexandre McKeon, Colleen MacLennan-McKeon, David Jones, Murdo MacLennan, Ronald MacLennan, Sharyl MacLennan

Ronald and Sharyl traveled from Texas to join Murdo, Colleen and two of Colleen's children who were "in country" [as opposed to two who were "out of country", serving overseas with our Forces.]

Saturday was hot and dry. And I mean DRY. Coming from Florida's humidity and sea-level into Denver's altitude and dryness was a real shocker! But the tent had lots of water... and people. They kept arriving throughout the day! From Utah and Wyoming, Texas and points a bit closer.

With so many, it's no wonder Colleen and the crew have a double tent.

MacLennan double tent  Colleen & Murdo

There were over a dozen of us in the mid-day Parade of Clans and related ceremonies. Unfortunately, no group picture of the actual parade, just the flag-bearers.

After a hot day at the Games, I was invited to join the whole family as they gathered in another of the nearby restaurants. With so many family groups to photograph, I suppose it's surprising that we only missed one. I say "we", because I had to have Colleen's help to make sure we got it done right!

So, here they are!

The MacLennan Siblings

3 MacLennans

Left to Right: Murdo MacLennan, Ann MacLennan Bever, Jeanette MacLennan Ludeman

Murdo's family

Colleen McKeon
Colleen McKeon
The McKeon Family with Murdo MacLennan
Left to Right: Alexandre & Banning McKeon, Colleen MacLennan-McKeon, Murdo MacLennan
Ronald MacLennans
Sharyl & Ronald MacLennan
The Kevin MacLennan Family
Front: Gwen MacLennan
Back: Left to Right - Kevin, Melissa holding Hunter & Duncan MacLennan

Ann Bever's family

John Bever
John Bever
The John Bever Family
Front: Left to Right: Alyssa & Abigail Bever
Back: Left to Right: Kris & John Bever
Frank Bever
Frank Bever
Christina Pierce and Frank Bever
The Kenneth Farley Family
Front: Left to Right: The Farley Family - Breanna, Dillon, Kyle holding Megan
Back: Left to Right: Kenneth & Margaret Farley

Doug Bever we goofed  here... trying to get a photo.

Jeanette Ludeman's family

Chris Ludeman
Chris Ludeman
Jeanette & Chris Ludeman
Les Ludeman
Les Ludeman
The Les Ludeman Family
Les holding grandchild Payton, Lorraine & Lexi Ludeman

What a day! And what a priveledge to share this with such a wonderful group.

Some of them left that evening to drive back home. Others were back at the Park on Sunday for the rest of the Games.


I had a different family aspect to attend to on this trip.

David Jones

My son Brian, his wife Kelly and their daughters Megan and Rachel,

live in Edmonton Canada. When I planned to join the MacLennans at Highlands Ranch, I knew that would put me about half-way from Florida to Edmonton. So, it was up at 4AM Sunday for me to catch a 6AM flight from Denver to Edmonton to have a few days with "the kids".

A different way to combine family and games, but sure a lot of fun.

Brian has Scottish Gear and Irish Kavanagh blood as well as MacLennan, and Kelly is a MacDonald [as in Sir John A. - Canada's first Prime Minister] so it will be challenging to outfit the girls.

David Jones lives near Panama City, Florida and is the web master for the USA section of this web site. He is a tenor drummer with the Panama City Pipes & Drums and an aspiring piper [who struggles much and doesn't practice often enough!].

Are you a piper, drummer, dancer, athlete, genealogist, clansperson who attends Games? Share your stories! This web site is a forum for all clan members to get to know about each other. 

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