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 Newsletter June 2004
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Chief Ruairidh D. G. MacLennan of MacLennan

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June 2004
Information about the Chief

(from the Melbourne Australia newsletter)
Chief Ruairidh attended the 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Melbourne, Australia Clan MacLennan Association. A  number of Clans and the City of Melbourne Pipe Band participated in the celebrations. He was presented a silver hip flask engraved to mark his attendance at their Silver Jubilee Celebration to show their appreciation for his attending. While there he honored the guests by playing his pipes to the delight of all in attendance. He is a piper in the Officers Training Corps in Aberdeen.
International Clan MacLennan Information
As has already been stated in the information regarding the Chief, The Clan MacLennan Association of Melbourne, Australia celebrated it Silver Jubilee on November 9, 2003. Over 200 attended including 30 from other Clans and Societies.
The Melbourne Clan MacLennan Association of Australia supports young people in their endeavors  as can be seen by the annual award of the ClanMacLennan Perpetual piping Trophy.This years winner was Bradley Saul.
It has been announced that the New South Wales Clan MacLennan Association has been revitalized and they are going to publish their own newsletter.
The Chief's sisters have been very active also. Lorna recently returned from Crete-Greece for a week's holiday.She keeps busy with her nursing. In between she takes holidays and socializing with her friends.
Kirsteen now has a boyfriend and is still flying with BOAC.
Peggy Leonard of Henley on the Thames, England,  a professional Piper  and Dancer, is playing events and concerts in the London, England area.
Congratulations to  Sarah Bennett (nee MacLennan) of Malmsbury, Victoria, Canada. The 7 year old has won six gold medals in Highland dancing competitions all around the Area.
A fourth generation of MacLennan world wide pipers is currently stationed  in the Middle east and Playing the pipes . He is Lewis MacLennan. His Grandfather, Duncan  MacLennan, his great Uncle, Lewis MacLennan,  and his great great Uncle Lewis MacLennan all played the pipes in that area from the 1800's to 1942.
If you would like to hear some one of our clansman on a current music CD it is recommended that you get the CD called "Hits from the Brittle Building" by Ross McLennan. Ross at one time was front man for the well known Aussie Band "Snout".
This will be the last message that your current president  will be sending you in the Clan MacLennan Association, USA. Inc. newsletter. You will have a newly elected President for  the December 2004 newsletter.
For that reason I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members, conveners, and officers  for their help, cooperation and encouragement over the approximate 15 years that I have been president. I hope that the next and future Presidents have that same cooperation.
There is still a great deal that needs to be done however. Still to be finished is  the formalizing of the conveners' tables, putting together a complete and accurate e-mail and  snail mail list, a computerized membership list, acquiring more conveners for the number of new games that come up every year (an average of 5-6 in every section of the country), and major work in interesting the youth in the clan, (they  have to be our backbone whether we like it or not.)
The next President will bring the USA organization fully into the Electronic 21st century and what that means I do not think anyone, including myself, have the slightest idea.. All I have been able to achieve is a beginning in that area. However I agree with the prediction that by 2020 there will be no other option available to anyone to do anything except through the Internet highway. That means we have 15 years to be ready.
The Chief's Lieutenant , Lock McLendon, has specifically asked me to continue working in the Area  of convener, both as one and as  coordinator. I will continue trying to improve  on the appearance and cost of these. At the present time, Dale and  Jennifer
Young,  conveners  in my area, and I are working on making some major needed changes  both for the convener's and those that attend the games. As they materialize  I will keep the convener's and membership informed.
Once  again Clan MacLennan is being recognized by being honored as the honored  Clan at the Western Kentucky Highland Games  in Paducah, Kentucky on September 11, 2004. This is the fourth time that the Clan has been honored. We are recognized as initiators of the games in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Central Alabama , and Western Kentucky in the South Central Region.
Due to conflict of Dates in 2004 games there will not be representation at the Montgomery, Alabama games on September 24-26. These are the same dates as the Clanjamfry games in Memphis,Tennessee. Since we have the largest representation in this region at the Clanjamfry game (28 people in 2003) the representation will be at this game.
Please click here to see where there will be a clan rep at a Scottish Highland Game and come see them and  join Clan MacLennan  USA Inc.

To help reduce mailing costs the clan is trying to compose an e-mail list to eliminate some postage. If you are reading this it would be very helpful if you would fill out and forward by e-mail to  the following information:





I    DO  ____         Have an E-Mail Address

My E-Mail Address is


Member _______ Not Member_________
Of Clan Maclennan Ass'n. USA Inc.

2005 Annual dues reminder

REMINDER:  Dues for the year 2005 are due  November 1,2004 and must be paid by January 31,2005 to be an active member.
Just $15.00 will bring you up to date.

M. W. Baumeister, Treasurer
Wilton Bluff, Adams Run, SC 29246-0360


As stated previously, The Association is in the process of refitting the tables and tents at the games. To do this thoroughly It is IMPERATIVE that a list of the games that each convener participates in is submitted no later than August 1, 2004. Please send this list to Not only do we need to know the  number and name of games each convener participates in and dates this year of ones  being done, but we also need to know the convener's current address. Unfortunately, if this information is not received by August 1, we will not be able to include their information into the new refit. Thank you for your cooperation.


Many times the question is asked "Who can wear the clan tartan?"  Frequently that is answered by "Scots who do not bear a clan or sept surname may wear the tartan of their mother's clan or sept providing she possessed the surname."

Did you know that this is entirely erroneous. Clan membership rests upon name, and it follows that if no clan  or sept surname is borne there can be no claim to the tartan of any clan. Those who bear  surnames unconnected  to a clan should, if they desire to follow the correct course, they should wear either a "District" tartan or the "Jacobite" or  "Caledonia" tartans.

The Jacobite tartan was  known as early as 1712 and was claimed by the Lowlanders to be popular in 1707 when they wore it as a protest  against the Union of Parliament. Edinburgh ladies took great pride in wearing the Jacobite Tartan at this time.

The Caledonia tartan was also popular  in the 18th century . It also was worn as a protest to the Union of Parliament. Another story was that it was worn by members  of the Darien expedition and that  the name indicates its connection with the ill-fated Scottish adventure. There are several variations of this tartan.

What should be encouraged instead of the  Jacobite or Caledonia tartans are the District tartans. These are from the cities and Provinces of Scotland . They would be a tartan in the proximity of the clan or sept surnames. They may even have been under the protection of the Chiefs of the Area.

While these facts of themselves  do not prove that either the Jacobite or Caledonia tartans were used for the purpose claimed, they do support the contention that they were "general" tartans used by Scots who had no clan connection.
(thanks to Clans and Tartans by Robert Bain)


We all take playing cards very much for granted . However did you know that each card has its own history? Playing cards are thought to have originated in Hindustan about 800 AD .

During the Middle Ages, jacks queens and kings (face cards) were named for legendary, historical and Biblical figures. The proper name for the King of Hearts is Charlemagne, emperor of  Rome and founder of the Roman Empire. The King of  Spades is  David, who slew Goliath.

The King of Diamonds represents Julius Caesar.

The Queen of  Clubs is Elizabeth 1 of England. Judith, who  the Bible says killed an Assyrian general to save Israel, is the Queen of Hearts. Athena, the Greek goddess of war and wisdom, represented the Queen of  Spades. The queen of Diamonds represents the Biblical Rachel.

LaHire, French warrior who fought with Joan of Arc, earned the title of  Jack of Hearts. The Jack of  Spades stands for Hogier, cousin of Charlemagne and a Danish hero. The Jack of  Diamonds signifies Sir Hector, a Knight of the Round Table and  half-brother of Sir Lancelot. The Jack of Clubs is Sir Lancelot himself, chief of  King Arthur's  Round Table.

The suits in a deck of playing cards represents the four ranks of society in the Middle Ages. Hearts are Churchmen and Statesmen; Spades, the military; diamonds, the merchants; clubs, the peasants and workers.

The earliest playing cards in Europe were those in Italy during the 14th century. During the French Revolution, playing cards were forbidden by law. During this time, the kings, queens and jacks became "sages", "virtues", and "heroes".
(thanks to the LaSalle county Genealogy Guild)


Where dos Scottish salmon get its flavor? There are many uses for those wonderful old Oakwood Whiskey containers when the distilleries finish with them.

In the north of Scotland, famous for smoked salmon, the "Smokeries" purchase them and the casks continue to provide, yet again, another 'Life" in Scottish industries. They are reduced to fine shavings that are then burned beneath the rows of salmon. The rising smoke impregnates the fish, creating the delicious flavor to grace sumptuous and appetizing means throughout the world.
(thanks to the "Family Tree")


The St Andrews Society Foundation has been formed in Albany, New York  to support the rich traditions and people of  Scotland. "The Foundation has been formed to celebrate and preserve those traditions as well as create an environment in which todays and tomorrows artists ,researchers, writers, musicians and entertainers can shape their skills and go on to realize their true potential," Michael Kelley, President of the Foundation,  stated.

Their objective is to form The National Scottish Cultural Museum, featuring an eclectic display of  historic and contemporary artifacts, exhibits, educational programs and events; The National School  of  Piping and dance, whose sole purpose will be to provide pipers, dancers, and musicians of all ages   ,with the finest national and recognized instructors in the US; and make the Highland Games Fields at new Scotland, New York a permanent, purpose-built home for the Northeast's preeminent Scottish Games. The 200 Acres will have buildings, fields, entertainment and exhibition space . This foundation is a 501c3 organization, which makes all contributions and operations tax deductible. For more information and how you can help, visit their web site at

or e-mail Jay Nish


Here are some neat Gaelic words for those interested in Linguistics. However do not ask how to pronounce them!

aoibhneach --Pleasant, cheerful, joyful, happy.
allaidh--------- wild, savage, fierce
aluinn---------  handsome, beautiful, elegant, splendid
albannach---- Scot
albannaich--- Scotsman


1. You spend the first two years of their life teaching them to walk and talk. Then you spend the next sixteen telling them to sit down and shut  up.
2. Grandchildren are God's reward for not killing your own children.
3. Mothers of teens now know why some animals eat their young.
4. Children seldom misquote you. In fact, they usually repeat word for word what you shouldn't have said.
5. The main purpose of holding children's parties is to remind yourself  that there are children more awful than your own.
6. We child proofed our homes, but they are still getting in.

If you have felt any of things over the years of childbearing remember, If you have a lot of tension and you get a headache, do what it says on the aspirin bottle - "take two aspirin" and "keep away from children".

ADVICE FOR THE DAY: Be nice to your  kids. They will choose your nursing home


Why are Scotsmen so good at golf?

Because they realize the fewer times they hit the ball, the longer it will last

McDougall always traveled first class on the airplanes. It was the only way he could  be sure to avoid his creditors

Contents of our next Issue:

A list of all Clan MacLennan merchandise available for sale ( automatic 30% discount to current clan members)

Information regarding Scots that have made our life more interesting and improved.

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