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Chief Ruairidh D. G. MacLennan of MacLennan

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Editor's Corner
Change is in the Air

Welcome to the newly designed quarterly MacLennan Clan Newsletter. We are hoping to make this newsletter more about you the readers. In this edition we are introducing a new format that will include: the Editor's Corner, Membership, Caring & Sharing, History Tells Us, Clan News Around The World and an Events Calendar.

Many thanks from your new editor to our Membership Chairperson and Convener, Jennifer Young, for all her support, emails and "gentle nagging" which kept me on track

Welcome to the "Family"

The McLennan family pictured below came all the way from Sun City and Apollo Beach, Fl, Little River, NC and Framingham, MA to have their own family reunion in Stone Mountain, GA. They were surprised and thrilled to have the opportunity to join the larger MacLennan clan that weekend.


From left to right back row:James Duncan McLennan (Jay) William Alan McLennan (Bill) Lois Anne McLennan (Lois)

From left to right front row: Donna McLennan, Frank McLennan and Joseph McLennan (Joey).

For any questions about membership please contact Jennifer Young or write to her at:
Clan MacLennan Assn. USA
Jennifer Young, Membership
288 White Road
Portland, TN 37148

Caring & Sharing

Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Sally Jo McLennan Truhlar who is on the mend from knee replacement surgery. I know another McLennan who had both knees replaced at one time! Maybe its something in the genes? Seriously, Sally Jo is a trooper She emailed me the night before surgery to offer some information for a future edition.


Hunter Murdo MacLennan November 16 2006

James Gregory Cashman Dwyer (McLennan) December 13, 2006

Megan Christine Farley February 26, 2007


Jerry Sellers MacLennan June 4th 2006

Kenneth Melvin Nelson December 15th 2006

Frank Lewis Ludeman January 31, 2007

Q1- 2007 Birthdays

Margaret Ann Farley January 27th

Banning Patrick McKeon February 4th

Phyllis Parnell MacLennan February 9th

Margaret Susan McLennan March 7th

Franklin Alexander Bever March 3th

Gwenivere Aislinn MacLennan March 29th

Contributions from Alexandre and Colleen McKeon

History Tells Us

There has been a great bit of discussion regarding the Mc and Mac spelling in the beginning and ending of Scot and Irish Names such as Mac,Mc, Mc . This was because of laziness primarily in the USA. This occurred primarily because the children continued to live on the Chief's lands and needed an identification. In some cases the son of was added at the end - Donaldson, Robertson.

In Scotland and Nova Scotia names beginning with Mac were traditionally listed under the first letter of the last name. The US lists them under M or the 1st letter of the last name. There are however exceptions to this rule. Some families have an Irish/Scot connection and Pict or Viking connection, example: Innes/ MacInnes. The Innes families are of Pictal roots . The MacInnes families are of Gaelic origin from the west coast.

Because of these above situations following the origin of some names is very difficult and one must have a great deal of information before making a wise decision

In the United States these changes came primarily from census takers. In Scotland up until the late 18th century the Scots were Illiterate. Only the Chief and ministers could read. Most of the commoners were not taught to read or write. During this time spelling differences were trivial because most names came from the profession, or country area, re: carpenter, riverbank.

It was not until 1948 that a written Gaelic Language came about. This was when surnames were written for the first time.

In Scotland the practice in the South and Ireland was to write two names as one, ex: MacGill/ Magill.

Youth Pages

This is a brand new section submitted from Alexandre McKeon and Colleen MacLennan from Colorado. In a wonderful fun way they have introduced some materials for our youth and potential youth members to become better acquainted with the whole concept of "clan" and a larger family and our history. Congrats to them both for coming up with this idea. Please print and share with your youth.

Click here to visit the Youth Pages on the Mountain Region web site.

Coming Attractions

Sally Jo McLennan Truhlar has written that she has "a couple of old letters, from the early and mid 1800's, written by Neill McLennan, Sr.'s second daughter and his nephew to relatives in Florida describing events in the McLennan Family in early Texas." "As you may, or may not know, Neill McLennan was the first white settler of both Walton County, Florida and McLennan County, Texas?."

Please add her to your Caring and Sharing mental list as she had knee replacement surgery recently. Here's to a speedy recovery, Sally.

In response to your request, Win has offered to research and write a piece on how the Logan and the MacLennan clans are related. Stay tuned??.

The Clan is Everywhere!

Not sure if you are a "Wikipedia" fan or not but the history of the MacLennan clan is out there for the world to see. Wikipedia for those of you who don't know, is a self-proclaimed, "free encyclopedia". Win, you'll have to tell everyone if you think it is accurate or not!

Letter from the President

As we start the year 2007, many new directions have been started for Clan MacLennan Assn., USA. Inc. At our Annual General Meeting in October 2006, the position of Treasurer/ Secretary was separated. Ms Dale MacLennan Young was elected Treasurer. Her address: 288 White Road, Portland, TN, 37148.

Membership dues and applications should be sent to Jennifer Young as she is membership chairmen. Her address: 288 White Road, Portland, TN, 37148

Also a new newsletter editor, Ms Lois McLennan, was appointed. Any information for the newsletter should be forwarded to her at: MCLENNANLOIS@COMCAST.NET

Also we have appointed Alexandre McKeon to put together a Youth Program to attract this age group to our association. She can be reached at:

Many other suggestions were offered but it was the feeling of the members in attendance that we really need to get these three items in a secure operational mode before any more changes are made in 2007 Additional changes and appointments will be made at the next Annual meeting in the fall of 2007.

With the changes made we should have a much better exposure to the MacLennan name in the country and will increase their awareness to our existence.

One of our conveners, Jay Park has returned to military duty and returned for another two year tour in Iraq. The Clan Association wishes him Godspeed and safety while on tour.

Contributed by Win MacLennan, President

Clan News Around the World

Don't forget to keep in touch with Clan MacLennan Worldwide. The website is full of interesting and fun information.

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Clan MacLennan Crest

MacLennan Clan Crest

MacLennan Clan Crest: A piper adorned with the MacLennan ancient tartan

MacLennan Clan Motto: Dum Spiro Spero (while I breathe, I hope).

History of Clan MacLennan: the history of the MacLennans is complicated in that the Chiefship remained dormant for over three hundred years. In addition, they are closely associated with the Logans, both having originally settled in Kintail, although the Logans later grew to prominence in the Lowlands of Scotland, becoming Lords of Restarlig.

In the highlands the MacLennans supported the Mackenzies. When the Marquis of Montrose rallied the Clans to the Royalist Cause in 1645, the 2nd Earl of Seaforth, the Mackenzie Chief, and a Covnenter, opposed him. In the ensuing Battle of Auldearn, the men of Kintail, led by the MacLennan Chief, who carried the Seaforth Standard, were decimated.

This information is courtesy of

Event Dates and Locations 2007

02/24-25 Arizona Highland Games Scottsdale, AZ

04/21-22 Las Vegas Celtic Gathering/Highland Games Las Vegas, NV

06/2-3 Sterling Celtic Festival and Games Sterling, CO

06/23-24 Wyoming Celtic Festival Gillette, WY

07/21-22 Elizabeth Celtic Festival Elizabeth, CO

08/10-12 Rocky Mountain Highland Games Highlands Ranch, CO

09/6-9 Long's Peak Scottish Festival Estes Park, CO

TBA Snowmass Highlands Scottish Games Snowmass, CO

11/2-3 Tuscon Celtic Festival and Highland Tucson, AZ

TBA Payson Scottish Games Payson, UT


On a different note...

Here are two of my mantras for 2007 which you are all welcome to borrow,

"Stone Mountain or Bust"


"Grow the Clan"

I borrowed that one from L. Jay Parks who is currently in Iraq. If you would like to email Jay and send his your best wishes from the U.S. his email address is:


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