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The Clan Piper Newsletter April 2007

Editor's Corner

Lois McLennan, our new Editor has had a difficult month as she has been ill, hospitalized and now returns to a heavy workload.  So this Newsletter is being published by Colleen MacLennnan.  Any questions/comments regarding this issue of The Clan Piper can be sent to:  

Lois will return to her publishing duties full time in July so join us in wishing her good health and a quick recovery!

MacLennans In Colorado

Murdo MacLennan

Murdo MacLennan sets the pace at the 2006 Highlands Ranch Festival, Highlands Ranch, Colorado.  He is followed by Ann MacLennan Bever, Chris Ludeman, Abigail Bever and Amanda Bever - MacLennans one and all!

Men of Clan MacLennan - Frank, Banning, Murdo, Frank and John

Caring & Sharing

Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Lois MacLennan, our Newsletter Editor.  We wish Sally Jo McLennan Truhlar who is continuing to mend from knee replacement surgery a speedy recovery.

Also, our thoughts and prayers are with the following Clan MacLennan Heros who are serving our country in the military.

Our Military
L. Jay Parks              serving another tour of duty in Iraq
Barron McKeon          serving in Bahrain aboard the U.S.S. Dextrous
Braxton McKeon         serving aboard the U.S.S. Nimitz  

Contributions from Alexandre McKeon and Colleen M


Rachel Alexia Jones    April 3



2nd Quarter Birthdays

Lester Ludeman  April 2nd
Colleen MacLennan    April 12th
Megan Victoria Jones    April 16th
Kevin Alec MacLennan April 19th

Jackson Alexander Gregory  May 17th
Ronald Craig MacLennan  May 21st
Barron Paxton McKeon  May 21st
Scott Benjamin MacLennan  May 25th

Christine Ludeman  June 3rd
Annette MacLennan Gregory  June 14th
Braxton Prescott McKeon  June 15th
Alexandre McKeon  June 18th
Kenneth Paul McLennan  June 24th  

History Tells Us

Do You Know...

Do you know what the strap and buckle on the crest means?  Did you know the crest belongs to the Chief, not the Clan.  Do you have any idea what an Achievement is?  Are you an Armiger?  If you're a bit confused or unclear as to all the terms, what means what and belongs to whom, you're not alone.  This will be a brief and hopefully simple explanation of what the Coat of Arms is, who it belongs to and why and what it all means!  

Coat of Arms

The Scottish clan system is closely bound up with Scottish heraldry. The best definition of a clan  is a social group consisting of distinct families actually descended, or accepting themselves as descendants of a common ancestor.  A clan is therefore a community which is both distinguished by heraldry and recognized by the Lord Lyons. At the head of this honorable family/community is the Chief. He is the only person entitled to display the Coat of Arms for the Clan.

So the first point that should be made about heraldry is that there is no such thing as a "Family Coat of Arms". This is a form of marketing used by the "Heraldry for Sale" shops and websites that are becoming a common sight, both on the internet and at highland games all over the world. Armorial bearings, which is a more formal description of a coat of arms, are in Scotland, the personal property of one person only. Displaying arms which are not registered to you, or which you do not have a right to, can lead to prosecution in countries such as Scotland, where heraldry is carefully regulated.

A Coat of Arms then belongs to only one person, the person who applied to Lord Lyons for that Coat of Arms or who inherited the Coat of Arms.  The MacLennan of MacLennan Coat of Arms above belongs to MacLennan Clan Chief Ruairidh MacLennan and he inherited it from his father Ronald when he died.  The Coat Of Arms does not belong to Clan MacLennan and no one but Ruairidh may wear or display that Coat of Arms and to do so is breaking the enforceable laws of Scotland.  

What is a Coat of Arms?

A Scottish Coat of Arms is an official design created and registered with the Lord Lyons.  Lord Lyons is an appointed official who decides who should be allowed to have a Coat of Arms and what that Coat of Arms should look like.  His office has an official record of every coat of Arms granted in Scotland since 1672 - 335 years!   Only people who live in Scotland or have parents/family from Scotland and can provide proof can request their own Coat of Arms.

A Coat of Arms was originally a jacket, tunic or tabard worn by Knights in medieval times - possibly to identify himself in battle since he was covered by armor.  Nowadays a Coat of Arms means all the parts of an "Achievement" put together to create the Coat of Arms.  Parts of an "Achievement" are the  shield, helmet, mantling, wreath, crest, motto and sometimes supporters and other decorations.  There is a widespread misconception that a family or a clan can have a family or clan Coat of Arms. Many heraldic and clan web sites and other media suggest that a person has the right to use the family or clan Arms. This is completely incorrect.

A Coat of Arms belongs only to one individual person and can only be used by that person and no one else. In order for a person to be able to use a Coat of Arms it is necessary for that individual person to apply for a personal Coat of Arms to be granted to him or her .

What is permitted is for a member of a clan to use the clan crest.  Usually what is referred to as the Clan Coat of Arms is in fact the personal Arms of the chief of the clan which can only be used by the chief.

Can I get my own Coat of Arms?

Yes, you can request and apply for your own Coat of Arms in Scotland through the Court of Lord Lyons.  The applicant is called "The Petitioner" and should submit a formal "Petition" to the Lord Lyon King of Arms using the forms available on the Lord Lyons website.   Any person who wishes to use Arms must petition for a Grant of Arms or -if they can trace their ancestry back to an ancestor who had a grant of Arms -a "matriculation" showing their place within the family. When a grant, or matriculation of Arms is obtained, a hand drawn full color parchment, narrating the pedigree as proved, is given to the Petitioner, and a duplicate is recorded in the Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland.  Anyone living in or owning land in the United Kingdom or in Her Majesty's overseas realms or in the Commonwealth and of Scottish heritage can apply to the Lord Lyon King of Arms of Scotland for a grant or matriculation of Arms.  

Arms are not generally granted to non-British citizens (though those of Scottish ancestry can apply to the Lord Lyon King of Arms for cadet matriculations, as above described). Foreigners of Scottish descent can sometimes arrange for a cousin in Scotland, or in one of Her Majesty's overseas realms, to receive Arms from the Lord Lyon King of Arms, and thereafter themselves to obtain a cadet matriculation.

So basically, if you have an ancestor who resided in the colonies while your colony was under the jurisdiction of the British crown, i.e. prior to September 1783 for the USA, and you are a descendant in the male line of that ancestor, then you can petition the Lord Lyon for a grant of arms in memory of that ancestor and also to matriculate those arms, suitably differenced for yourself.  Or if one or both of your parents, grandparents or beyond is/was a citizen of Scotland  then you can petition the Court of Lord Lyons for a Coat of Arms for that parent/grandparent and then request a matriculation of those arms in your name.   Sounds a bit confusing, it's not.  Just check the website for Lord Lyons and take it one step at a time and note, this is not a cheap endeavor.

Another Other Way To Obtain A Coat Of Arms?

There is currently one other way to obtain a legitimate Coat Of Arms for you and your family.  You may register a Family Coat Of Arms/Crest with the American College Of Heraldry.  Registrations are restricted by policy to American citizens or residents, as well as to others with significant personal or business connections in America.  These Arms are inheritable and are to be passed on down through the ages.  These are "Assumed Arms" , are not "Granted" arms and are for Americans who wish to create a family tradition that will be maintained throughout the ages and passed on from generation to generation.   

What and who is an Armiger?

A person who has registered his or her own coat of Arms and Crest, or inherited these according to the Laws of Arms in Scotland from an ancestor who had recorded them in the Lyon Register, may wear their own Crest as a badge either on its Wreath, Crest Coronet or Chapeau, or, as is more usual, within a plain circlet inscribed with his Motto.

So who is this Lord Lyons?

In Scotland all things armorial are governed by the laws of arms administered by the Court of the Lord Lyon. The origin of the office of Lord Lyon is shrouded in the mists of history, but various Acts of Parliament, especially those of 1592 and 1672 supplement the established authority of Lord Lyon and his brother heralds. The Lord Lyon is a great officer of state and has a dual capacity, both ministerial and judicial. In his ministerial capacity, he acts as heraldic advisor to the Sovereign, appoints messengers-at-arms, conducts national ceremony and grants arms. In his judicial role, he decides on questions of succession, authorizes the matriculation of arms, registers pedigrees, which are often used as evidence in the matter of succession to peerages, and of course judges in cases when the Procurator Fiscal prosecutes someone for the wrongful use of arms.
Arms should not be used in Scotland unless they are recorded in the Register of all Arms and Bearings in Scotland. Armorial bearings can be acquired by petitioning the Lord Lyon, but only if you come within his jurisdiction( However, in England you would approach the College of Arms (

Who wears what?

Chiefs may wear either their own personal Crest within a plain circlet inscribed with the Motto, and a Chiefs three eagle's feathers.  

Chieftains may wear their own personal Crest, their Chief's crest with two small eagles' feathers  and if he/she is also a Peer, he may add the appropriate coronet of rank on top of the circlet, or they may wear their Chiefs Crest badge without feather like any other clansman, as described for clansmen below.

Armigers, a person who has registered his or her own coat of Arms and Crest, or inherited these according to the Laws of Arms in Scotland from an ancestor who had recorded them in the Lyon Register, may wear their own Crest as a badge within a plain circlet inscribed with his Motto. An armiger may also choose to wear instead the Crest badge of his Chief if the armiger is a clansman. An armiger is entitled to one silver eagle's feather behind the plain circlet, and if he is also a Peer he may add his appropriate coronet of rank on top of the circlet.

Clansmen and Clanswomen

This is for most of us!  These are the Chief's relatives, including his own immediate family and even his eldest son, and all members of the extended family called the "Clan", whether bearing the Clan surname or that of one of its septs, all those who wish to demonstrate their association with the Clan.

It is correct for these people to wear their Chiefs Crest encircled with a strap and buckle bearing their Chief s Motto or Slogan. The strap and buckle is the sign of the clansman, and you demonstrate your membership of the Chief's Clan by wearing his Chief's Crest within it.

Contributed By Colleen MacLennan

Youth Pages

The February edition of The Clan Piper announced the creation of the Youth Pages and the Youth Memberhship Initiative.  We would like to thank all of you who contacted us with comments regarding this new program.  We did not receive one negative comment and were so pleased to read of your support of this initiative.  The Youth Pages are available on the Website at     and there is also a link on the main website to the Youth Pages.  There are new Youth Pages every month with puzzles, coloring and interesting information for youth of all ages regarding Clan MacLennan, the Chief, Coat of Arms, and lots of other interesting topics.  There are contests, drawings and prizes  so please make sure your MacLennan youth views the Youth Pages and has a chance to participate, learn and win a prize too!  Please bookmark the above link and visit the Youth Pages often with your children/grandchildren and enter to win!

The purpose of the Youth Pages is to educate, inform and promote interest in all things MacLennan and Scottish.  The youth of today are the conveners, Chief's Lieutenants, bagpipers and drummers, dancers and leaders of tomorrow.  We hope to provide information on a variety of subjects important to the Clan and Scots to youth of all ages and it is our goal to do that in fun, imformative and interesting ways.  We are always open to suggestions and appreciate your comments both positive and negative and we especially enjoy receiving the entries and papers from the youth.  

We have already awarded 4 prizes, one for each puzzle correctly completed by Jody in Kalispell and Kevin in Pocatello, one for an awesome colored Piper Bear from Mikaela in Tuscon and one for an incredible Coat of Arms created by Lindsay in Albequerque which we hope to publish in the next newsletter.  Thank you all for sending us your amazing creations and check out April's fun pages!

Click here to visit the Youth Pages on the Mountain Region web site.

A Message From The Chief

Dear Clansfolk,

It is some time since I have directly addressed members of the Clan MacLennan Association in the U.S and for that I apologise. The lack of a Clan newsletter directly from Scotland has resulted in many Clansfolk having to rely on third hand information often from newsletters from other Clan MacLennan Associations. I welcome and thank you for the opportunity to provide information and news directly through your Web site. Indeed, I am pleased to see a recent surge of enthusiasm from Clan members in the U.S and hope that we can work closer together than we have in past years with the mutual aim of promoting the Clan MacLennan Association and supporting Clansfolk. I am especially pleased to see more involvement from the younger generation through the youth movement.

Recent years have been challenging for the Clan and I am aware that the U.S Clan Association has had it's fair share of problems. I have been approached by a number of your Clan members in recent months to ask to assist your Association where possible in the hope of resolving such problems. Hopefully these issues can be resolved and allow the Clan Association to prosper in the U.S. There are many MacLennan's throughout the USA and it is often the Clansfolk far away from our homeland who have the greatest enthusiasm to drive the Clan forward. I will therefore endevour to listen to the views of the U.S Clan Association and support you when and where possible.

The Clan Association's in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have a variety of different ways in which they interact with me as Clan Chief and the Chieftain and Chief's Lieutenants. There has been a clear separation between the individual Clan Associations and the Chief's Lieutenants. Lieutenants are appointed directly by myself as Chief and are my representatives in the geographical area of appointment. Unlike office bearers within the Clan Associations, they are not elected and do not have any right to control the Clan Association. They act as representatives of the Chief there to promote the Clan in general and to form a link between the Clan Association and the Chief.

In the past, this non elected position has caused concern amongst some Clan members and I was actively encouraged to reduce the number of Chief's Lieutenants as well as to clarify their role within the Clan. As a result, the number was reduced from 14 to 4, one for the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Lock McLendon stood down a couple of years ago and the U.S currently does not have a Chief's Lieutenant. I have been requested by many Clansfolk throughout each of these countries, including the USA, to review this position. In hindsight, I am minded to think that the advice that I received ten or fifteen years ago was not in fact sound as the result is that some of the Clan Associations feel distant from the Chief as they no longer have a directly appointed representative within their area actingon the Chief's behalf. This situation has been magnified in the USA due to the geography and the fact that the country is vast with members spread out far and wide. I can therefore understand how many may feel abandoned.

In light of the above, I will now put some thought into the appointment of Chief's representatives for the U.S. probably in the form of Chief's Commissioners who's role will be to assist the elected Clan Association and their Committee / office bearers and act as my representatives for their geographical area in my absence. This, along with messages of support such as this through any available means of communication will, I truely hope, enable your Association to pick itself up and promote the name of Clan MacLennan throughout the USA.

I look forward to forming a closer relationship with my Clansfolk in the USA and intend to now actively consider ways in which to appoint representatives to further the Clan's cause in the USA. It will also be my intention to visit the U.S in the near future to achieve these aims.

Yours aye,

Chief Ruairidh

Letter from the President

As we start the year 2007, many new directions have been started for Clan MacLennan Assn., USA. Inc.  At our Annual General Meeting in October 2006, the position of Treasurer/Secretary was separated.  Dale MacLennan Young was elected Treasurer.  Her address is  288 White Road, Portland, TN  37148.

Membership dues and applications should be sent to Jennifer Young as she is membership chairmen. Her address is 288 White Road, Portland, TN,  37148

Also a new newsletter editor, Lois McLennan, was appointed. Any information for the newsletter should be forwarded to her at:  MCLENNANLOIS@COMCAST.NET  

Also we have appointed Alexandre McKeon to put together a Youth Program to attract this age group to our association. She can be reached at:

Many other suggestions were offered but it was the feeling of the members in attendance that we really need to get these three items in a secure operational mode before anymore changes are made in 2007.  Additional changes and appointments will be made at the next Annual meeting in the fall of 2007.

With the changes made we should have a much better exposure to the MacLennan name in the country and will increase their awareness as to our existence.

One of our conveners, Jay Park has returned to military duty for another two year tour in Iraq. The Clan MacLennan Association wishes him Godspeed and safety while on tour.

Contributed by Win MacLennan, National President & Association President 


Clan News Around the World...

Don't forget to keep in touch with Clan MacLennan Worldwide. The website is full of interesting and fun information.

The page you are reading now is within the USA section of the Worldwide site.

To check out the rest of the USA site, click here..

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... And from Mountain Region

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Jennifer Young is the new Membership Chair as of last October and has quite a task reconciling numerous outdated and incomplete membership lists from decades past.  From a Clan of hundreds of members nationwide to today's accounting of less than 100, Jennifer has managed to turn the tide. 
She has finally compiled a comprehensive Membership list that is computerized and fully backed up so this regrettable chain of events will never again occur.  She has written hundreds of letters, e-mailed scores of potential members and tried to contact all those old members who have not returned to support Clan MacLennan.
Jennifer has listened to the complaints of those who were forgotten, those who were members but never received either membership cards, newsletters or renewal notives and has charmed most into to returning to the fold, supporting the Clan and strengthing new bonds.  She is particularly anxious to hear from any/all of the Clan's Lifetime Members so if you are one or know of one, please contact or have them contact Jennifer. 

Clan MacLennan is rebuilding, revitalizing and renewing it's pledge to support the Clan, its members and the Association's goal.  Please join today and help us rebuild the Clan MacLennan Association.  If you have not heard from Jennifer with regard to a membership past or present, please contact her at:
288 White Road
Portland, TN 37148

Contributed By Colleen MacLennan

Wearing Of Sashes By Ladies In Evening Dress

The wearing of tartan sashes in customarily done when the lady is wearing a long, formal-type dress.  However, many ladies do not care to have such a dress but want to show pride in their heritage by wearing the tartan of their Clan or that of their husband's Clan.  The following diagram is to help those of you who want to wear a sash (long, light weight scarf) with respect for the tradition but with no legal significance.


1.    Style worn by Clanswomen

2.    Style worn by Chieftainesses, wives of Clan Chiefs and Wives of the Colonels of Scottish Regiments.        

3.    Style worn by ladies who have married out of their Clan but who want to wear their original Clan tartan.         

4.    Style worn by country dancers or where any lady wants to keep the front of her dress clear of the sash.

 5.   Style worn by ladies who have no Clan as described in styles 1-4, but who want to wear  the tartan of their fancy.
 Contributed By Murdo A. MacLennan

2nd Quarter 2007 Event Dates & Locations

April 14        Albany    Oregon   Oregon Scottish Heritage Festival
April 14-15    Odessa    Texas  CeltFesTexas
April 20-22    Huntersville    North Carolina    Loch Norman Highland Games
April 20-22    St. Louis    Missouri    Mississippi River Celtic Music Festival   
April 20-22    Batesville    Arkansas    Arkansas Scottish Festival  
April 21        Fremont    California    Tartan Day Scottish Faire
April 21-22   Tyler Texas    Four Winds Faire - Highland Clans and Celtic Heritage Fest
April 21-22   Las Vegas    Nevada    Las Vegas Celtic Gathering & Highland Games  
April 27-29   Sacramento    California    Sacramento Valley Scottish Games and Gathering  
April 27-29  Carbondale   Illinois    Southern Illinois Irish Festival  
April 28       Big Island    Virginia    Celtic Festival and Irish Music Concert  
May 4-5      Greensboro    North Carolina    Triad Highland Games  
May 4-6      Bridgeport West Virginia    Scottish Festival and Celtic Gathering
May 5         Savannah Georgia    Savannah Scottish Games
May 5-6      Cedar Bluff State Park   Kansas    Th' Gatherin' Ancient Festival O' Beltane
May 5-6      Columbia County   New York    Celebration of Celts Games of Columbia County
May 11-12   Winston-Salem    North Carolina    Celtic Music Festival
May 11-13   Carrollton    Kentucky    Kentucky Scottish Weekend  
May 12        Urbana Maryland    Frederick Celtic Festival
May 12        Phoenixville    Pennsylvania    Phoenixville Celtic Street Fair
May 12-13   Houston    Texas    Houston Highland Games and Celtic Festival
May 18-20   Fitchburg    Wisconsin    Fitchburg Days
May 18-20   Gatlinburg    Tennessee    Gatlinburg Scottish Festival
May 18-20   Edinboro    Pennsylvania   Edinboro Highland Games and Scottish Festival  
May 19        California    San Francisco Oyster and Beer Festival
May 19        Dakota County    Minnesota    Minnesota Scottish Fair and Highland Games
May 19        Prescott    Arizona    Prescott Highland Games
May 19        Aiken South    Carolina    Aiken Scottish Games
May 19        Atlanta    Georgia    Atlanta Celtic Festival
May 19        Richmond    Rhode Island    Rhode Island Scottish Highland Festival
May 19        Fair Hill    Maryland    Colonial Highland Gathering
May 19        Eugene    Oregon    Eugene Scottish Festival
May 19        Springfield    Illinois    Illinois Highland Games
May 19-20   Livermore    California    Livermore Scottish Games and Celtic Celebration
May 26-27   Alma    Michigan    The  Highland Festival and Games
May 26-27   Jack Frost Mountain    Pennsylvania    The Pocono's Greatest Irish Festival
May 26-27   East Durham    New York     East Durham Irish Festival
May 26-27   Pomona    California    United Scottish Societies of S. California Highland Gathering  
May 31-June 3    Lucas    Kentucky    Glasgow Highland Games
May 31-June 3    Boulder    Colorado    Scottish Gaelic Immersion Weekend  
June 1-3      Arlington   Texas    Texas Scottish Festival and Highland Games
June 1-3     Garrett   Maryland    McHenry Highland Festival  
June  2       Clover South Carolina    Clover Scottish Games and Scotch-Irish Festival
June 2        Liberty Corner    New Jersey    Bonnie Brae Scottish Games   
June 2       Modesto    California    Scottish Highland Games and Gathering of the Clans
June 2-3    Ferndale     Washington Bellingham Highland Games   
June 2-3    Mumford    New York    Genesee Highland Gathering  
June 2-3    Sterling    Colorado    Sterling Celtic Festival
June 8-9    Riverside   Missouri    Kansas City Highland Games
June 8-9    Lehi     Utah    Scottish Festival and Highland Games
June  8-9   Greenville    South Carolina    Greater Greenville Scottish Games & Highland Festival
June 8-10   Blairsville     Georgia    Blairsville Scottish Festival and Highland Games
June 8-10   Cuyahoga Falls    Ohio    The Riverfront Irish Festival   
June 9        Fort Wayne     Indiana    Indiana Highland Games  
June 9        Leesburg     Virginia    Potomac Celtic Festival   
June 9-10   Louisville     Kentucky   Louisville Irish Fest
June 9-10   Staten Island    New York   Staten Ireland Irish Fair   
June 9-10   Cape May    New Jersey    Cold Spring Village Celtic Festival  
June 15-16  Oak Brook    Illinois    Illinois Saint Andrew Society Highland Games  
June 15-17  Franklin    North Carolina    Taste of Scotland Festival
June 15-17  Bridgeport    Connecticut    Fairfield County Irish Festival  
June 16       Shrewsbury    Maryland    Irish Festival  
June 16       Prosser    Washington Prosser Scottish Fest
June 16       Campbell   California    Campbell Highland Games
June 16       Louisville    Kentucky Louisville Feis
June 21-24  Cape Cod    Massachusetts    Cape Cod Celtic Festival   
June 22-24   Manheim   Pennsylvania    Celtic Fling and Highland Games
June 23       Wellington    Ohio     Ohio Scottish Games
June 23       Graham    Washington    Tacoma-Pierce County Highland Games
June 23       Greenfield    Mass.    The Western Massachusetts Highland Games & Celtic Festival  
June 23-24   San Diego    California    Scottish Highland Games and Gathering of the Clans
June 23-24   Irvine    California    Great American Irish Fair and Music Festival   
June 23-24   Gillette    Wyoming    Wyoming Celtic Festival and Highland Games
June 23-24   North Haven    Connecticut    Connecticut Irish Festival
June 30        Eagle River    Alaska    Alaska Scottish Games  
June 28-July 1   Eastlake   Ohio   Eastlake Irish Summerfest
July 7-8        Monterey   California    Monterey Highland Games and Celtic Festival
July 12-15    Linville   North Carolina    Grandfather Mountain Highland Games  
July 13-14    Saline    Michigan    Saline Celtic Festival
July 14-15    Littleton   Colorado    Colorado Irish Festival
July 14-15    Mount Vernon    Washington    Skagit Valley Highland Games and Scottish Faire   
July 14-15    Oakland    California    The Oakland Scottish Highland Games
July 14-15    Athena    Oregon    Athena Caledonian Games
July 15-21    East Durham   New York    Catskills Irish Arts Week  
July 20-21    Portland    Oregon    Portland Highland Games  
July 20-22    Cleveland    Ohio    Irish Cultural Festival
July 21         Burton    Ohio    Brigadoon Celtic Festival
July 21         Massachusetts    Westfield  Glasgow Lands Scottish Festival
July 21         East Durham    New York    Irish Traditional Music Festival  
July 21         Gettysburg    Pennsylvania       Adams County Irish Festival  
July 21-22    Arizona    Flagstaff Arizona Highland Celtic Festival
July 21-22    Elizabeth    Colorado    Elizabeth Celtic Festival
July 21-22    North Plains    Oregon    The Faerieworlds Festival
July 22-27    Elkins    W. Virginia    Augusta Heritage Center's Irish  Week
July 27-29    Utica    New York    The Great American Irish Festival
July 27-29    Dayton    Ohio    Dayton Celtic Festival   
July 28-29    Enumclaw    Washington     Pacific NW Scottish Highland Games & Clan Gathering  
Aug.10-12   Highlands Ranch,   CO    Rocky Mountain Highland Games             
Sept.6-9      Estes Park,   CO    Long's Peak Scottish Festival                 
TBA             Snowmass,    CO    Snowmass Highlands Scottish Games      
Oct 19-21    Atlanta GA    Stone Mountain Highland Games
Nov.2-3       Tucson,   AZ    Tuscon Celtic Festival & Highland Games     
TBA             Payson,   UT    Payson Scottish Festival

Please send us your Festival Information at  
and we'll be happy to include it in the next Newsletter in July!

Contributed By Colleen MacLennan

Please send us your news, information and photos of your MacLennan families.  Share with us, brag a bit, introduce yourselves to the Clan!  We are anxious to meet you all.  We would love to share in your Graduations, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Births, Promotions, Good News and support you in your losses also, so send us your news, this is your Newsletter.  Suggestions and recommendations are always welcome.

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