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The Clan Piper Newsletter July 2007

Editor's Corner

Lois McLennan has resigned as Editor for personal reasons and so we thank her for her efforts on the first edition of the Clan Piper published in several years.  The Clan Piper Newsletter will continue to be published quarterly - Jan/April/July/October - by Colleen MacLennan.  Anyone having interest/experience in putting together and publishing a newsletter and would like to become our new Editor or who would like to assist in the production of the newsletter should contact Colleen at:       or      720.922.1823  

A  great newsletter is not the work of just one person and it is our hope that you will write/e-mail us with stories, information, birthdays,  graduations, anniversaries, trips, photos, stories, recipes and anything else you would like to see included in the Clan Piper.

This edition of the Clan Piper is dedicated to educating our Membership of all ages as to the recent changes in our organization.  You will find the proposed By-Laws under which the organization will function and we are seeking input from every member - comments are encouraged and feedback is important, so let us know what you think.  You will also see position descriptions for everything from the President to Convener Chairman to committee positions, we want you - the membership to see how things will be run, how the organization will function and how much every member can help by simply finding a position they are interested in and taking part in Clan MacLennan USA.  So as you read through this newsletter keep in mind your interests, the direction you would like to see the organization take, any special interests you/your family might have and consider filling an open position and helping to lay the foundation for a new, open, revitalized Clan MacLennan that represents MacLennans of all ages through the USA. 

Caring & Sharing

This is your section: please send us your news, information and photos of your MacLennan families.  Share with us, brag a bit, introduce yourselves to the Clan!  We are anxious to meet you all.  We would love to share in your Graduations, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Births, Promotions, Good News and support you in your losses also, so send us your news, this is your Newsletter.  Suggestions and recommendations are always welcome.    

3rd Quarter Birthdays

Jeanette MacLennan Ludeman  July 6th
Douglas Allan Bever  July 17th

Sue Fundis McLennan  August 2nd
Margaret MacLennan Nelson  August 6th 
Murdo Alexander MacLennan  August 26th

Melissa Ann MacLennan  September 2nd
Duncan Alexander MacLennan  September 3rd
John Gillie Bever  September 25th

Contributions from Murdo MacLennan


07/14/01    Ronald and Sharyl MacLennan
08/18/90    Kevin and Annette Gregory


05/07Amanda Bever
Our Military Heroes

Our thoughts and prayers are with the following Clan MacLennan Heroes who are serving our country in the military.  Please remember them in your prayers.

L. Jay Parks              serving another tour of duty in Iraq
Barron McKeon          serving in Bahrain aboard the U.S.S. Dextrous
Braxton McKeon         serving aboard the U.S.S. Nimitz 

Contributions from  Colleen MacLennan

MacLennans In S.  Korea & China

Clan MacLennan USA Lifetime Member Murdo MacLennan and his son Kevin MacLennan, both former Marines, just returned from an incredible trip where they spent 5 days in S. Korea, 5 days in Beijing and 2 days in Xian, China.   They had an incredible time exploring two gorgeous countries.  They started their trip by traveling north to Panmunjom where they visited an observation post overlooking the DMZ and where they took turns standing in both N. Korea and S. Korea in the very room where the 1953 peace treaty was signed ending hostilities.  Murdo and Kevin then laid a memorial wreath at the US monument before leaving for Incheon.   Both Kevin and Murdo enjoyed visiting the  Incheon Landing Operations Hall where Murdo landed with the Marines in 1950 and also visited the Incheon Memorial and museum.

After returning to Seoul, they visited the war memorial, the Kyungbok Palace and  attended services at the Korean Presbyterian Church after which a 57th anniversary commemoration ceremony of the Korean war was held where Murdo received the "Korean War Veteran's" Award for service to the S. Korean people during the Korean War.  That evening was another reception and medals ceremony where Murdo received the  "Ambassador for Peace" Medal from the Prime Minister of S. Korea at a ceremony attended by the S. Korean President. 

They were then on to Beijing where they visited  the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden Palace and  Tian An Men Square. Five days later they were on to Xian where they visited the Terracotta Warrior Museum and numerous incredible temples.  It was the trip of a lifetime for two of our Clansmen and two heroes who have served our country so well. 

Welcome Home!
Murdo & Kevin MacLennan

A MacLennan terraa cotta warrior?

Murdo & Kevin

Letter from the President

It has been a busy 6 weeks for us since taking over as the Interim Executive Committee. Jennifer and Colleen have been most helpful, along with Dale looking after the Treasurer function and Alexandre getting some Youth activity launched, and Marilyn who is a vital source of knowledge and advice.


We have a draft set of By-Laws. We have spent a lot of time trying to craft them to overcome some of the operating problems encountered in recent years. They are at the end of this newsletter. Please review them and offer any suggestions by dropping an e-mail to us at or writing to us c/o Jennifer Young, whose snail mail address is found in the Membership section. Note that our Interim Executive Committee ceases to function and the By-Laws become fully effective with the election of a slate of Officers at the general meeting.

General Meeting

Not all details are fully worked out as yet, but here's what we are aiming for... the meeting will be held on the Saturday evening during the Stone Mountain GA Games - Saturday October 20, 2007. We felt that it might be preferable to meet away from the actual Games location, since the Games are for fellowship - and recruiting!

Some of us are staying at the Holiday Inn Express right in Stone Mountain, less than a mile from the Park gates.

Holiday Inn Express
LOCAL PHONE: 1-770-4658847

If enough folks stay there, we can see about combining dinner and the meeting at a local restaurant with a meeting room. Or using a room at the hotel before or after eating... there are some decent middle-of-the-road restaurants and pubs not far from that hotel.

Marilyn Baumeister has generously offered to handle the clan tent booking, and we're hoping to utilize convener materials from a couple of the existing conveners, since neither Marilyn nor I have such materials.

Consistent with our Youth and fellowship goals, we are fortunate to have a young lady - Sarah Givens -  a McClendon and clan member - and an accomplished harpist who will be playing at the tent in addition to her competition and performances. Learn more about Sarah in the spotlight on Youth section.

Something new this year - we'll be using Proxy voting so that ALL members can participate whether or not you can get to Stone Mountain.

There will be lots more details and eventually a full agenda well before the meeting.

Officers / Elections

In drafting the By-Laws, we've tentatively provided for what we consider to be the full slate of Officers and committee positions that we think are needed to carry out the various activities of a healthy and vibrant organization.

There is some question as to whether or not we should structure a smaller organization at first in case we can't fill all positions. However, we're optimists, so we'll present the full slate. The section below - just before the draft By-Laws - shows the positions we would like to fill. Obviously, some of the Coordinator functions can be fulfilled by those who also are Officers or At-Large members. These are not full time jobs... [Jennifer and Colleen might disagree with me at the moment, based on the amount of time they have contributed to help get us launched!] - and the more of them that can be filled, the less work there is for everyone. Access to a computer for e-mail will  help, but is not essential, with some positions having more need for e-mail access than others.

It is not necessary that you live in or near  Stone Mountain GA, nor that you attend the Games there, in order to participate. Dare I repeat myself in emphasizing that the organization is open to all members and is becoming quite adept at operating in the "virtual world".?

It is not automatic that Jennifer, Colleen nor myself have any position - we will stand for office the same as - hopefully! - many of you.


One of the financial decisions we made was to reimburse up to the amount of $75 for costs [like registration, tent, table, chair rental] associated with convening a tent at a recognized Games or Event. Whether or not that continues will, of course, be up to the incoming executive this fall and their budget for next year. But we thought it would help for the few events that will be convened this season.

Web Site / Private Members-Only Area

I'm still working on a suitable program/host for getting much of our information online. Security is important so that we can restrict access to members only. It's down to two different solutions, and I hope to have a decision in the next few weeks, and material uploaded shortly after that.

That's it for now. My thanks again to Jennifer, Colleen, Dale, Alexandre and Marilyn.

David Jones

Reach the Interim Executive at

Meet The Interim Executive Committee...

David & Ann JonesAnn and David Jones retired to Florida’s Gulf Coast – Ann from Special Ed. teaching and me from my career as a professional accountant and corporate executive. My grandfather MacLennan emigrated from Lewis [Valtos / Bhaltos] in the outer Hebrides to Canada just before WW!, served with the CEF during that war, returned to Canada to raise his family and serve again in WWII. My earliest recollection of “things Scottish” was at about age 3 in Edmonton, Canada, being in the Highland parade then walking the Games ground with my grandfather, who was Chairman of those Games for many years.

But it wasn’t until retirement that I really acted on my interest – I joined the Panama City Pipes & Drums as a tenor and sometimes-bass drummer within days  of settling in at Mexico Beach. I’m also working on the pipes, but that’s going  to be a long and slow process - somehow the MacLennan aptitude for piping didn’t fall my way down the gene tree!

Probably like a number of you, I have watched the clan association from the sidelines for a few years – in my case I decided I could best help Win by doing the web site, since my time at the Games is often taken up with band activities. By this spring, however, I decided that no one else seemed inclined to take over from Win despite his avowed indication to retire from clan administration. Some of my business background includes helping to turn around client companies and a major credit union and I thought I could use some of those skills to help the clan. With the help of a few dedicated people and support and blessing from other key people, here we are.

I am Colleen MacLennan McKeon and have been interested /involved in all things Scottish/Irish since my youth as a Highland dancer.  My MacLennan father is first generation American as both his mother and father were born and raised in Scotland and as a family we have been involved in Celtic activities since my youth.  I married an Irishman who passed away shortly after the birth of our 4th child and my 4 children have been involved in Celtic activities since birth, play pipes and drums, participate in field events, my daughter is both a Highland and Irish Step dancer and we are both involved in Clan MacLennan USA.  We have a strong and continuing history of military service going as far back in our family as is possible.  My father's father went to Canada to serve during WWI as he had just come to the US and was not a citizen , my father is a Marine who served in Korea as is my younger brother who served during Gulf War I and two of my sons are currently serving in the Gulf - MacLennans are a proud and strong Clan!

 It is my hope that Clan MacLennan USA will begin to grow, experience a revitalization that will include MacLennans from all over the country and of all ages.  We are making changes to educate our youth with regard to Clan MacLennan and to our Celtic history and also by involving them in the Clan itself with a Youth Membership.  How exciting in today's fast-paced, digital, long-distance world it is to know that we have family all over the world and instantly accessible via the web.  These MacLennan family roots are deep and Clan MacLennan USA will help each of us to cultivate new friendships, explore new family connections, learn our own history and allow each of us , no matter our age to have a say in the direction of our Clan's future.  So read on, join us in membership and hopefully you will want to get involved in some way!
Jennifer Young, daughter of Dale, serves as the Membership Secretary and Convener for KY & TN. She has worked diligently to bring the membership list up to date, working off 3 extremely outdated lists. Jennifer became interested in her McLennan heritage though her mother Dale and is still trying to find the mealy pudding recipe she remembers from her childhood. While in AZ, both she and Dale were involved with the local Royal Scottish Country Dance Society branch, performing at the nearby games. Jennifer works full time in a veterinary office. At home she cares for a special Arabian horse who is an extremely rare  pacemaker implant recipient, a Tennessee Walker gelding, a Dalmatian, and an assortment of barn cats, number subject to change at any given time. Her hobbies include side-saddle riding, costuming, avid reading and  visiting tea rooms.

... others who are helping us with specific tasks through this Interim transition

 Dale McLennan Young is currently serving as Treasurer and Convener for KY & TN. Born in Braintree, MA, Dale's McLennan heritage is through her father's side, while her grandmother was a McKenzie. She did not pursue interest in her Scottish heritage until moving to NY in the 1970s and attending several games there. Dale made a trip to Scotland where she met with long lost family. After moving to AZ in 1988, she became involved with the local Caledonian society, running the children's portions of their highland games. Now living in Portland, TN , Dale continues her career as a registered nurse, devoting her spare time to gardening, crafts, doll collecting, and reading.

I am Alexandre McKeon, a full time college student majoring in Nursing and Anthropology .  My family has been active in Celtic activities my entire life - I am a Scottish and Irish Step dancer, I play drums and I am currently helping to create the Clan MacLennan Youth Program.  My family has convened the MacLennan and McKeon booths at festivals for as long as I can remember and the festivals have been a part of my summers for years.  We are just beginning to see the inclusion of youth in events at some festivals with the passport program and some youth events like the mini-caber toss but unless the parents have taken the initiative and passed along our Clan history, most youth are clueless as to their heritage.  Clan MacLennan USA is now offering a Youth Membership and monthly Youth Pages with puzzles, history,  and contests relating to Clan MacLennan.  So grab a Youth FunBook at your next event or check out the Youth Pages and have some fun learning about your Clan along with a child, enter our contests and perhaps win a prize and purchase a Youth membership or two for younger MacLennans and help us to grow as a Clan and a family!

... and special thanks to Lifetime Member Marilyn Baumeister for her valuable input, guidance and help with continuity.

Youth In The Spotlight

We are proud to introduce to everyone to Sarah Givens who is the recipient of a Clan MacLennan Education scholarship and winner of a one day pass to the Stone Mountain Games this year and also the recipient of the first Clan MacLennan USA Youth Membership! 

Sarah Givens is 13 years old. She has been playing the harp for 4 years. She competed at Loch Norman Highland Games in April 2006 and won 1st place Novice Division, as well as harpist of the day. In Oct 2007 she competed in the Nationals at Stone Mt. Highland Games and won 1st Place Novice. These are the only 2 competitions she has entered. She plans to compete at Stone Mountain this year, and tentatively plans to be at Loch Norman in April 2008 and NE Florida in Feb 2008. She will compete in the Apprentice Division this year.

Sarah was a member of the Birmingham Harp Ensemble in 2005/2006, under the direction of Cynthia Douglas.

Sarah lives in Calera, AL (Birmingham, AL area). Her great-grandmother's maiden name was McClendon, so when Sarah got involved with the Celtic harp her family looked up that clan and then joined Clan MacLennan.

Sarah Givens

Youth Pages

We are happy to announce that Clan MacLennan USA now has a Youth Membership available for those under 18 years of age.  The cost of this Youth Membership is $10.00 per year and includes a membership gift!  While this is a non-voting membership, the youth of Clan MacLennan will be able to voice their opinions, effect change and have a say in the direction the Clan MacLennan USA organization takes by simply staying in touch with the Youth Program Coordinator, completing the monthly surveys and letting us know what you want to see, changes you think need to be made, and anything new you would like included.  Alexandre McKeon is the Youth Program Coordinator and you can meet her above in the "Meet Your Leadership" article.  We are seeking youth of all ages to not only join Clan MacLennan USA but to get involved by acting as a Youth Photographer and sending us you photos of all things Scottish/Celtic.  Send us a photo of your pipe band practice, or one of you completing in dance, or one of your family at a festival.  Represent your Clan by participating as a Youth Reporter and write a short piece about your day at a festival or how it felt to get your first kilt or whether you want to learn to play the bagpipes, drums or harp.  So join us, write to us,  send a photo or two and get involved! 

Don't forget to stop by any Clan MacLennan booth at a festival this summer and pick up a Youth FunBook!  As you walk the festival and check out all the other clan tents, listen to the great music, watch the dancers and the field events, complete the pages in the FunBook and discover so much more about your heritage!  Return the Completed FunBook to either the Clan MacLennan booth or mail it to us and receive a prize!

The February edition of The Clan Piper announced the creation of the Youth Pages and the Youth Membership Initiative.  We would like to thank all of you who contacted us with comments regarding this new program.  We have not receive one negative comment and were so pleased to read of your support of this initiative.  The Youth Pages are available on the Website at   and there is also a link on the main website to the Youth Pages.  There are new Youth Pages every month with puzzles, coloring and interesting information for youth of all ages regarding Clan MacLennan, the Chief, Coat of Arms, and lots of other interesting topics.  There are contests, drawings and prizes  so please make sure your MacLennan youth views the Youth Pages and has a chance to participate, learn and win a prize too!  Please bookmark the above link and visit the Youth Pages often with your children/grandchildren and enter to win!

The purpose of the Youth Pages is to educate, inform and promote interest in all things MacLennan and Scottish.  The youth of today are the conveners, Chief's Lieutenants, bagpipers and drummers, dancers and leaders of tomorrow.  We hope to provide information on a variety of subjects important to the Clan and Scots to youth of all ages and it is our goal to do that in fun, informative and interesting ways.  We are always open to suggestions and appreciate your comments both positive and negative and we especially enjoy receiving the entries and papers from the youth. 

Clan MacLennan Youth Program
11757 W. Ken Caryl Avenue    Littleton,  CO    80127

We have already awarded 11 prizes so far this year for the incredible work sent to us.  Thank you all for sending us your amazing creations and check out July's fun pages!

3rd Quarter 2007 Event Dates & Locations


July 7-8 Monterey California Monterey Highland Games and Celtic Festival
July 13-14 Saline Michigan Saline Celtic Festival
July 12-15 Linville North Carolina Grandfather Mountain Highland Games
July 14-15 Littleton Colorado Colorado Irish Festival
July 14-15 Mount Vernon Washington Skagit Valley Highland Games and Scottish Faire
July 14-15 Oakland California The Oakland Scottish Highland Games
July 14-15 Athena Oregon Athena Caledonian Games
July 15-21 East Durham New York Catskills Irish Arts Week
July 20-21 Portland Oregon Portland Highland Games
July 20-22 Cleveland Ohio Irish Cultural Festival
July 21 Burton Ohio Brigadoon Celtic Festival
July 21 Massachusetts Westfield Glasgow Lands Scottish Festival
July 21 East Durham New York Irish Traditional Music Festival
July 21 Gettysburg Pennsylvania Adams County Irish Festival
July 21-22 Arizona Flagstaff Arizona Highland Celtic Festival
July 21-22 Elizabeth Colorado Elizabeth Celtic Festival
July 21-22 North Plains Oregon The Faerieworlds Festival
July 22-27 Elkins W. Virginia Augusta Heritage Center's Irish Week
July 27-29 Utica New York The Great American Irish Festival
July 27-29 Dayton Ohio Dayton Celtic Festival
July 28-29 Enumclaw Washington Pacific NW Scottish Highland Games & Clan Gathering

Aug 3-4 Michigan (Livonia) St. Andrews Society of Detroit Highland Games
Aug 4 Washington (Spokane) Spokane Highland Games
Aug 4 Alaska (Anchorage) Galway Days on G. Street
Aug 4 Illinois (North Riverside) Scottish Home Picnic
Aug 4-5 Virginia (Abingdon) Virginia Highlands Festival - Celtic Weekend
Aug 10-12 Massachusetts (Canton) Irish Connections Festival
Aug 10-12 Montana (Butte) An Rí Rá Montana Irish Festival
Aug 10-13 Vermont (Killington ) The Pipers' Gathering
Aug 11 Oregon (Redmond) The High Desert Celtic Festival
Aug 11 New York (Syracuse) Central New York Scottish Games and Celtic Festival
Aug 11 Michigan (Rockford) Rockford Celtic Festival
Aug 11 Washington Whidbey Island Highland Games
Aug 11-12 Colorado (Highlands Ranch) Colorado Scottish Festival and Rocky Mountain Highland Games
Aug 16-19 Wisconsin Milwaukee Irish Fest
Aug 17-18 Wyoming (Jackson) Jackson Hole Scottish Festival
Aug 17-19 Oregon (Winston) Oregon Highland Games
Aug 18 Maine (Brunswick) Maine Highland Games
Aug 18 New York (Amherst) Amherst Museum Scottish Festival and Highland Games
Aug 18-19 New York (Hunter Mountain) International Celtic Festival
Aug 24-26 New York (Buffalo) Buffalo Irish Festival
Aug 24-26 New York (Cortland) Cortland Celtic Festival
Aug 25 Iowa (Davenport) Celtic Highland Games of the Quad Cities
Aug 25 New York Long Island Scottish Games - Old Westbury Gardens
Aug 25 Michigan (Galesburg) Kalamazoo Scottish Festival
Aug 25 Vermont Quechee Scottish Festival
Aug 25-26 Ohio (Geneva-on-the-Lake) Celtic Feis
Aug 26 New York (Smithtown) Old Time Fiddle Festival
Aug 31-Sept 2 Missouri (Kansas City) Kansas City Irish Fest
Aug 31-Sept 2 South Dakota (Rapid City) Dakota Gathering of the Clans
Aug 31 - Sept 2 Wisconsin (Waukesha) Wisconsin Highland Games and Celtic Fling
Aug 31-Sept 3 Utah (Heber Valley) Soldier Hollow Classic Sheepdog Championship and Country Festival

Sept 1 Pennsylvania (Carlisle) McLain Highland Festival
Sept 1-2 Georgia (Chickamauga) Heritage Conservancy Alliance Festival
Sept 1-2 California (Pleasanton) Caledonian Club of San Francisco Highland Games
Sept 1-2 New York (Altamont) Capital District Scottish Games
Sept 1-3 Rhode Island Newport Waterfront Irish Festival
Sept 2 New York (Kingston) Hooley on the Hudson
Sept 6-9 Colorado (Estes Park) Longs Peak Scottish/Irish Highland Festival
Sept 7-8 Missouri (Buffalo) Southwest Missouri Celtic Heritage Festival and Highland Games
Sept 7-9 Pennsylvania The Ligonier Highland Games
Sept 7-9 Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Irish Festival
Sept 7-9 Washington Kelso Highlander Festival
Sept 7-9 New York (Irondequoit) Rochester Irish Festival
Sept 7-9 Pennsylvania (Green Lane) The Green Lane Park Scottish Irish Festival and Highland Games
Sept 7-9 Mississippi (Jackson) CelticFest Mississippi
Sept 7-9 Tennessee (Elizabethton) Sycamore Shoals Celtic Festival
Sept 8 North Carolina (Andrews) Appalachian Highland Games
Sept 8-9 Maryland (Annapolis) Maryland Renaissance Festival - Celtic Weekend
Sept 8-9 Indiana Columbus Scottish Festival & Highland Games
Sept 14-15 New York (Altamont) Irish 2000 Music and Arts Festival
Sept 15 Virginia (Alexandria) Virginia Scottish Games
Sept 15 South Carolina (Mt. Pleasant) Charleston Scottish Games and Highland Gathering
Sept 15 California (Madera County) The Fresno Scottish Festival and Highland Games
Sept 15-16 Ohio The Cincinnati Celtic Music and Cultural Festival
Sept 15-16 New York (Olcott Beach) Niagara Celtic Heritage Festival and Highland Games
Sept 16 New York (Long Island) Nassau County Ancient Order of Hibernians Feis
Sept 21-23 New Hampshire (Loon Mountain) New Hampshire Highland Games
Sept 21-23 California Sebastopol Celtic Festival
Sept 21-23 Tennessee (Memphis) Clanjamfry: A Scottish Festival
Sept 22 Iowa (Cedar Rapids) All Things Scottish CelticFest
Sept 22-23 Kansas (McPherson) McPherson Scottish Festival and Highland Games
Sept 22-23 California (Sonora) International Jousting Championships
Sept 27-30 Colorado (Gardner Walsenburg ) Spanish Peaks International Celtic Music Festival
Sept 28-30 Wisconsin (Mineral Point) Annual Cornish Festival and Celtic Celebration
Sept 28-30 Pennsylvania (Bethlehem) Celtic Classic Highland Games and Festival
Sept 28-30 Virginia Williamsburg Scottish Festival
Sept 28-30 California (Grass Valley) Nevada County Celtic Festival & Marketplace
Sept 29 Virginia Fredericksburg Welsh Festival
Sept 29 Connecticut (Hartford) Pipes in the Valley

Oct. 5-6 Missouri (St. Louis) St. Louis Scottish Games
Oct 5-7 North Carolina (Red Springs) Flora MacDonald Highland Games
Oct 5-7 Georgia (Hartwell) Loch Hartwell Highland Games and Scottish Festival
Oct 6 Connecticut (Goshen) Scottish Festival
Oct 6-7 Nevada (Reno) Reno Celtic Celebration
Oct 6-7 Maryland (Furnace Town) Chesapeake Celtic Festival
Oct 6-7 Louisiana (Monroe) Northeast Louisiana Celtic Festival
Oct 12-14 California (Ventura) The Seaside Highland Games
Oct 12-14 Pennsylvania (White Haven) Harpers' Escape Weekend
Oct 13 Maryland (Annapolis) The Anne Arundel Scottish Festival
Oct 13 Virginia Radford Highlanders Festival
Oct 13-14 Texas (Bedford) Celtic Heritage Festival
Oct 19-21 Georgia Stone Mountain Highland Games and Scottish Festival
Oct 20 Texas (Houston) Clear Lake Celtic Music Festival
Oct 20-21 New Mexico (Rio Rancho) Rio Rancho Highland Games and Scottish Festival
Oct 20-21 Texas (Amarillo) League of Celtic Nations Celtic Festival and Highland Games
Oct 27 North Carolina (Waxhaw) Waxhaw Scottish Games
Oct 27-28 Virginia Richmond Highland Games and Celtic Festival

Please send us your Festival Information to 
and we'll be happy to include it in the next Clan Piper in October!

Contributed By Colleen MacLennan


Jennifer Young is serving as the Interim Membership Chair and can be contacted for any questions relating to membership at:
288 White Road
Portland, TN 37148

Clan MacLennan USA is rebuilding, revitalizing and renewing it's pledge to support the Clan, its members and the organization's goals. 

Please join today and help Clan MacLennan USA grow and represent you

Membership Countdown...49

We're looking for 50 new members by the end of the year...

David Clapp has started the countdown. Will you help? Forward this newsletter to your relatives, and encourage them to join... or, give them a Clan MacLennan USA membership as a gift!

And to make it easier... we're pleased to announce that you can now subscribe online and pay with your credit card!

VISA / MASTERCARD / AMEX or PayPal account.!

Click here to go over to the Membership Application form, and from there link directly to make your online payment.

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Open Positions/Committees

Based on the draft By-Laws, here are the positions and coordinators that we would like to be able to fill. "Job descriptions" are set out in the draft By-Laws below.

Vice President
Communications Secretary
At Large Members
2 positions

The above 7 comprise the Executive Committee.

Youth Coordinator
Membership Coordinator
Conveners Coordinator
Newsletter Editor
Merchandise Manager
Data Input Coordinator



                Article I


                Section 100
                This organization shall be known as Clan MacLennan USA

                Article II


Section 200
The organization shall be organized as a non-profit organization under the laws of the United States of America and the State of Florida and shall be strictly nonpolitical and nonsectarian, and shall not exclude persons from activities on the basis of race, color or religion.

Section 201
The organization will promote the interests of Clan MacLennan.  In the Scottish culture, a clan consists of kinsfolk descended from a common ancestor as well as unrelated families with similar surnames and other persons who supported the clan and the clan's Chief.

Section 202
The organization's purposes shall be charitable, educational, cultural, and genealogical, namely:
     A. The continuation of the family traditions of the Clan MacLennan and septs;
     B.  The cultivation of a spirit of kinship and fellowship among all members;
     C. The recording and preservation of the history and Heritage of Clan MacLennan and septs;
     D.  The collection and preservation of the records, traditions and historical matters regarding the Celtic people in Scotland and elsewhere;
     E.  The sponsoring of educational programs regarding the history and culture of the Clan and Scotland;
     F.  The assistance of persons eligible for membership in the organization;
     G.  The acclaim of the Clan Motto: "Dum Spiro Spero";
     H.  The encouragement of all members to participate in the leadership of the organization;
     I.   To apply information and assistance to regional Clan organizations, except to the extent that such assistance might hinder or restrict these              organizations;
     J.   Other purposes which the association may adopt from time to time with a majority vote of Annual General Meeting.

                Article III


Section 300
The membership categories shall be: Lifetime Member; Adult Member - for those 18 years of age and older; Youth Member - for those ages 5 through 17 years of age (Please note this is a non-voting membership); Honorary Member - for     those persons who are recognized by the Executive Committee as honorary members as an expression of thanks and goodwill.

Section 301
Persons eligible for memberships are:
     A.  Persons by birth or marriage bearing the surname MacLennan or variants of these names recognized by the organization;
     B.  Persons bearing by birth or marriage the surname of a recognized clan branch or sept;
     C. Lineal descendants of persons eligible as members;
     D. Persons who by influence on behalf of the organization and expression of good will are from time to time recognized by the Executive Committee as honorary members.

Section 302
Dues for each class of membership of the organization shall be recommended by the Executive Committee for the upcoming year, determined by the membership and are due on or before December 31 of each year.

Section 303
Only paid up members shall be entitled to hold office, vote at meetings or other benefits of membership.

Section 304
Upon these By-Laws coming into effect, members of the former unincorporated organization that purported to operate as Clan MacLennan Association USA Inc. shall be recognized as members in good standing for their remaining term (annual or Lifetime).

Article IV


Section 400
Clan members and followers are authorized with the Chiefs' permission to display the crest of the Chief, a Demi-piper proper within a buckled belt the Chiefs' coat of arms, but NOT as their own. Members may also display the clan badge and furze.

Section 401
The organization will be governed by an Executive Committee comprised of the officers of the organization and two (2) elected members-at-large.  The Executive Committee will be vested with the general powers needed to conduct and direct the organization in accordance with the law, together with all powers to establish committees and to adopt all required measures for promoting the interests and purposes of the organization. 

Section 402
The Executive Committee will conduct its business by meeting, e-mail or phone. All Executive Committee members shall be notified of meetings by e-mail, phone call or by first class mail if no computer access is available.  Notice will also be posted in the organization newsletter and posted on the Clan MacLennan USA website at least thirty (30) days prior to the date of such meeting. The Executive Committee may refer a matter to the full membership for a decision.  A simple majority of those eligible to vote shall be sufficient to constitute an act of the Executive Committee or membership.  A report by the President, Officers and Committee Chairmen shall be made quarterly.

Section 403
All Executive Committee members shall be notified of the Annual General Meeting, or any special membership meetings by e-mail, phone call or by first class mail if no computer access is available.  Notice will also be posted in the organization newsletter and posted on the Clan MacLennan USA website     at least thirty (30) days prior to the date of such meeting. The notice will state all business known to be on the agenda including the names of all candidates for office if known. A notice of the Annual General Meeting will be provided to widely available Scots-American periodicals, such as via COSCA, at least sixty (60) days before the meeting.

Section 404
Any member may propose matters of relevant business not involving changes to the By-Laws at the time of the meeting without prior notice.      

Section 405
In addition to regular Executive Committee meetings, at the request of the MacLennan Chief or two (2) Executive Committee members or two (2) organization members, the President shall call an Executive Committee meeting, with proper notice given as provided in Section. 402

Section 406
The Annual General Meeting of the association will usually be held between January and October each year in conjunction with a Scottish event. An Executive Committee meeting will usually be held concurrent with the Annual General Meeting.

Section 407
The fiscal year of the association shall be the calendar year.

Section 408
Conveners sponsor tents to represent the clan and Clan MacLennan USA at Games and events. The Executive Committee shall ensure that policy and guidelines are in place at all times to govern the support, if any, that Clan MacLennan USA will provide.

Section 409
The initial Executive Committee shall be comprised of: David Jones, Interim President; Jennifer Young, responsible for membership activities; and Colleen MacLennan, responsible for Secretary, communications and Newsletter activities. The initial Executive Committee shall make and record such interim appointments as are necessary to effectively conduct the affairs of the organization, such as Treasurer, Youth Coordinator, and annual meting coordinator. This interim group, its responsibilities, and this Section 409 shall all cease automatically upon election of the first slate of Officers and members at large at which time the Executive Committee provisions will come into effect.

Article V


Section 500
Elected officers of the organization will be the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Communications Secretary. Ex-officio members of the Executive Committee shall be the past President for one (1) year and the Chief's Lieutenant.  No member may be elected to, or hold, more than one (1) officer position at any time. At Executive Committee meetings, each officer is entitled to one (1) vote.

Section 501
Officers will be elected by a simple majority vote of the members voting at the Annual General Meeting. Elections will be held each year in which a vacancy is to be filled. Terms will be for two (2) years. If an Officer resigns or becomes incapacitated and unable to fulfill their duties during their elected term, the Executive Committee may appoint another member not at that time serving as an Officer to fill the vacated position on an Interim basis until the next Annual General Meeting election; except that Vice President shall automatically succeed President as provided for in Section 503. The outgoing President will be designated as the honorary past president for one (1) year after completing his or her term.

Section 502
The President shall preside at the Annual General Meeting and Executive Committee meetings, coordinate the activities of the organization, appoint committees and oversee committee chairpersons, and perform all duties as requested at membership meetings and Executive Committee meetings.  

Section 503
The Vice President shall preside at Annual General or Executive Committee meetings in the President's absence, assist the President as required and be willing to automatically succeed as President.

Section 504
The Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of all meetings, poll members, and conduct all ballots.  The Secretary shall take receipt of all Proxy Forms received prior to the Annual General Meeting and all Proxy Forms and their envelopes shall remain sealed until opened in the presence of two or more Executive Committee members.  All Proxy Forms and their envelopes shall be saved as proof of record.  The Secretary shall maintain copies of all committee records.  The Secretary shall file all forms and reports required by the federal, state or other units of government and perform those additional duties as assigned by the President or Executive Committee.  The Secretary shall maintain all records via computer continually updating records and providing both the President and Vice President with updated records on a monthly basis.
Section 505
The Treasurer will maintain all financial records of the organization via computer, recording all transactions and reconciling each bank account monthly. A complete annual report will be presented to the President and circulated to the Executive Committee within thirty (30) days of year-end. Quarterly financial reports, which will include opening balances in each account, sources of income, itemized expense payments, and closing balance, must be made to the Executive Committee via e-mail or first class mail if computer access is not available and to the webmaster for placement onto the Clan MacLennan USA website within thirty (30) days of the end of March, June and September. .

The Treasurer will maintain checking and / or interest bearing accounts for the organization; record all financial transactions using standard accounting procedures, file applicable financial reports to public agencies paying any associated fees and perform other duties as assigned by the President or Executive Committee.  Checks for more than $50 must have two signatures: Treasurer plus any one of President, Vice President, Secretary or Communications Secretary. For additional security, two members of the same family must not sign any check, so if a member of the Treasurer's family is elected to office, their position will not be authorized to sign checks during their incumbency.
Section 506
The Communications Secretary will coordinate all communications with members, the Chief, other Clan Associations and Scottish Cultural organizations and publications. The Communications Secretary shall always have access to an updated membership roll and mailing list. The Communications Secretary will also assist in the day-to-day operations of the organization and perform other duties as assigned by the president or requested by the Executive Committee.

Article VI


Section 600
Every member 18 years of age and older who has paid their dues in full and is in good standing with     Clan MacLennan USA is allowed to exercise their voting privileges in person at the Annual General Meeting on all issues including but not limited to those listed on the notice of agenda for the AGM and any issues that may come before the membership for vote.  

Section 601
Voting by Proxy shall be allowed at every Annual General Meeting to encourage the participation of the membership nationwide in the decision-    making process of the Clan MacLennan USA organization.  Every member over 18 years of age is allowed to vote by Proxy on all issues that were presented in the agenda.  Ballots will be available on the website 30 days prior to the Annual General Meeting to all members 18 years of age and older in good standing.  The Proxy Ballot will include all issues presented on the agenda and must be printed out off the website or a copy requested from the Secretary and then returned via 1st class mail to the Secretary of Clan MacLennan USA postmarked a minimum of seven days prior to the Annual General Meeting or delivered to the Secretary at least an hour prior to commencement of the annual general meeting. Votes not received prior to the Annual General Meeting for any reason will not be included in the official tally.

Section 602
Voting at annual general meetings and all other meetings shall be by voice; except for officer elections, which shall be by written ballot. Executive Committee voting shall be by voice or e-mail. All decisions of the organization shall require a simple majority of votes cast to carry.

Article VII


Section 700
The Executive Committee shall appoint all committees and appointments of the organization and their term of office shall normally be for a period of one year or less if sooner terminated by the action of the Executive Committee.

Section 701
The Executive Committee shall ensure that an adequate description of duties or terms of reference is established for each committee or appointment, including, but not limited to: budget, reporting, responsibilities, and relationships to others in the organization. The descriptions and reports for each will be part of the Executive Committee minutes, and might additionally be noted in the newsletter and/or posted on the web site at the Executive Committee's discretion.

Article VIII


Section 800
Each Committee / Appointment shall have a budget approved by the Executive Committee governing its activities. The Executive Committee shall be responsible for the annual budget and has the authority to appoint Officers and/or members to assist in its preparation.

Article IX


Section 900
Membership records relating to annual memberships should be retained for a period of two (2) years. Records relating to Lifetime, Senior and Honorary memberships should be permanent, and carried forward with each year's current membership.

Section 901
Minutes are permanent records. Correspondence should normally be retained for three (3) years then discarded if not of permanent or ongoing value.

Section 902
Bank statements, canceled checks, annual books of account and interim financial reports should be retained for seven (7) years, and then destroyed. The treasurer should retain financial statements and annual financial reports permanently.

Section 903
Minutes, correspondence and financial records are property of the organization not the individual officer. Upon resignation or completion of term of office, the files of Minutes, correspondence and financial records should be sent as soon as practical [generally within thirty (30) days] to the new officer, by courier, expense to be reimbursed by the organization. The thirty (30) days is suggested to allow completion of a reporting cycle such as closing the accounting records for a period, not as a general guideline to delay transferring documents.

Article X


Section 1000
The Executive Committee is empowered to affiliate the organization with international associations of Scottish Clan Societies, a council of MacLennan Associations, or other groups such as COSCA sharing the organization's purpose upon the Executive Committee's approval.

 Article XI


Section 1100
The rules contained in the current edition of "Robert's Rules Of Order" shall govern all organization meetings.

 Article XII


Section 1200
The interim provisions of these By-Laws become effective June 3, 2007; the remaining provisions become effective at the first member meeting when the first slate of officers takes office and the Interim provision automatically cease.  The effective date of amendments to these By-Laws shall be immediate upon approval from any Annual General Meeting.

Article XIII


Section 1300
The assets and all records received from the former unincorporated organization that purported to operate as Clan MacLennan Association USA, Inc. will be immediately accepted by the organization upon being transferred.

Article XIV

Section 1400
In the event that Clan MacLennan USA. is dissolved, its assets shall be, within thirty (30) days, distributed to a program or organization that promotes either Clan MacLennan and/or dance, music, language and/or athletics of the Scots.



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