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 The Clan Piper Newsletter October 2007
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Chief Ruairidh D. G. MacLennan of MacLennan

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The Clan Piper Newsletter October 2007

Editor's First Words

This is a special issue for me as it is my third time to put forth time and effort to produce a the 'Clan Piper' and should someone decide/agree to take on the position of Editor at the AGM, this could be my last time to speak to you all.  Creating a newsletter is an exciting task and rather daunting as it reaches every member in one form or another.  It can also be frustrating if the very membership you seek to address is not responding back in one form or another with comments, additions such as birthdays, happenings, recipes, crafts or short articles on just about anything!  It is not a newsletter if one person is creating the entire publication.  A newsletter should be bits and pieces of information received from the very membership it seeks to address along with news and updates from the board and the Chief.  So to those of you who have written and/or sent in pieces/information/articles - Thank You!  To the rest of you, pick up the phone, write a note or send an e-mail, include a photo and get involved.  Share a small part of your lives, your family, and your interests with the rest of us.  We are all family and family shares in the lives of family!
This is an eventful month for all of us as our first Annual General Meeting as Clan MacLennan USA is October 20, 2007.  For the first time ever, each of us as members has the opportunity to choose the leadership and direction Clan MacLennan USA simply by voting regardless of our ability to attend the AGM.   And to ensure that we all have a voice, every member has the opportunity to vote simply by utilizing a Form Of Proxy and forwarding it immediately to either the Secretary or the President.  So please take a few minutes and read the Interim President's letter to all members and see how you can be involved, have a voice and make a difference.

Please read about the Highlands Ranch Festival in Colorado attended by Interim Clan President David Jones and see the accompanying photos of MacLennans of all ages celebrating family, heritage and life! Family Reunions at the Games

Be sure to read the 'Chief's Note' as there is an important announcement that affects all MacLennans in the USA!

And as we approach the AGM, we as members have several things to ponder: 
  • Who is willing to step forward and serve in a volunteer position?
  • Who is a member and how many others from within your own family have you encouraged to become members?
  • When holidays, birthdays, and other specials days roll around that require gift-giving will you please consider giving the gift of a membership to Clan MacLennan USA?
  • How many of the festivals/events in your part of the country did you attend and support?
  • Are you willing to give a weekend a year to convene a Clan MacLennan tent at a festival in your area?
  • Did you know that Clan MacLennan USA now reimburses a set amount for every event that is convened on behalf of Clan MacLennan to make it easier for families/members to get involved and host an event?
  • Did you know that Clan MacLennan USA now offers a Youth Membership for only $10.00 that includes a membership gift so that the next generation of MacLennans can get involved at an early age?
  • Did you realize that your $20.00 membership helps pay for the convener reimbursement, membership gifts, and youth scholarships?  

I am proposing at this time that for every household that receives this 'Clan Piper', a pledge is made to ensure that 3 more MacLennans become members or receive membership in Clan MacLennan USA.  We cannot grow without your support and without your spreading the word that we exist.  Please take the pledge and either give 3 memberships as gifts or ensure that 3 more MacLennans join Clan MacLennan USA by October 20th, 2007.  Let the Interim Committee know that their efforts are appreciated, that they are supported and that the new leadership has your support.  Help ensure that Clan MacLennan USA continues to grow in membership, continues to provide conveners at festivals/events nationwide and that Clan MacLennan USA continues to encourage the youth of today to explore their heritage by providing scholarships for dance, music and athletics.  All of this can be done by simply increasing membership and growth in Clan MacLennan USA.

In closing, take a moment and consider filling an office for Clan MacLennan USA.  Open positions are listed and anyone interested in helping the organization to grow should contact David Jones immediately.  We need you, the Clan needs you, get involved!

Colleen MacLennan - Editor

The Chief's Award

Chief Ruairidh D. G. MacLennan of MacLennan and Clan MacLennan USA would like to announce the creation of the 'Chief's Award' to be awarded to those members of Clan MacLennan who performance as a volunteer, leader and/or mentor for Clan MacLennan USA is outstanding and as such, merits recognition by both the Clan MacLennan USA organization and Chief Ruairidh. This form of recognition is a medal hanging from a ribbon of Green and Gold in the tradition of a military medal. Watch for additional information regarding this incredible award including the criteria for selection and the application process. 

Caring & Sharing

This is your section: please send us your news, information and photos of your MacLennan families.  Share with us, brag a bit, introduce yourselves to the Clan!  We are anxious to meet you all.  We would love to share in your Graduations, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Births, Promotions, Good News and support you in your losses also, so send us your news, this is your Newsletter.  Suggestions and recommendations are always welcome.    

4th Quarter Birthdays

David Jones - October 8th
Sharyl MacLennan - October 11th
Ann Bever - October 12th

Hunter - November 16th

Contributions from Murdo MacLennan


Our thoughts and prayers are with the following Clan MacLennan USA members as they heal:

Margaret Farley as she recovers from surgery.

Braxton McKeon as he recovers from injuries sustained in the line of duty.

Best wishes to John Bever as he recovers from surgery.

Barron McKeon as he recovers from illness related to service in the line of duty.

Best wishes to Murdo MacLennan as he recovers from surgery.

Our Military Heroes

Our thoughts and prayers are with the following Clan MacLennan Heroes who are serving our country in the military.  Please remember them in your prayers.

L. Jay Parks              serving another tour of duty in Iraq
Barron McKeon          redeploying in November to Bahrain aboard the U.S.S. Dextrous
Braxton McKeon         serving aboard the U.S.S. Nimitz 

Contributions from  Colleen MacLennan

A Message From The Chief

Dear Clansfolk,
    Once again I sit in the living room looking out across Loch Ness pondering the events of the past few months and trying to recall what I have actually done with my time so that I can report to you. Often, my mind goes blank and I start to question whether I have achieved much or whether I have just been busy being busy!
    The changing colours of the leaves on the trees have reinforced the fact that autumn has very much arrived, shattering the hopes of a late summer. No such luck here in Scotland! We have endured a fairly wet summer, one of the wettest on record, which has caused me many a day of frustration whilst trying to progress my DIY programme at the house and bothy up on the West Coast. However, the past weekend was pleasant and 3 months of planned painting was crammed into a long weekend which saw the house vastly change colour. I had friends staying with us who were running in the Loch Ness Marathon. As the half way point is very close to the house, I couldn't resist the temptation of taking a short break from painting and watching the runners going past. Feeling rather sorry for the depressed looking runners I went inside and took my bagpipes out of their case. My intention was to play a few tunes and carry on with the painting, however, seeing how much the music was boosting the morale of the runners, I ended up exhausting myself by playing for an hour and a half on and off.     By time I finished the painting and joined my friends in the Dores Inn for supper, it looked like it was me that had run a marathon! Slightly embarrassing was the fact that a film crew covering the event decided to film me piping. Surely some viewers will wonder why a piper chose to wear paint-splattered clothing for the occasion!
    The summer has been fairly busy. After Luxemburg in May, the next trip was to Halifax, Nova Scotia to pipe at the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo with the TA pipe band, now renamed the Pipes & Drums of the 7th Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Scotland. We were in Halifax for just over two weeks and played at the tattoo each day for over a week. For the duration of the trip, we were playing the pipes every day, some days for many hours in full military No 1 uniform. By time we returned to Scotland, I suspect most members of the band would have quite happily sold their full uniform and pipes for not a great sum of money! However, after a few weeks break from the great highland war pipe, I find myself yet again picking them up for a few tunes. The next event of note is a presentation to members of the Battalion by Prince Charles at Birkhall later this month to those members of the Battalion who served in Iraq earlier this year, which includes a number of band members.
    Aside from piping, I have been busy with work and continue to gallivant around the Highlands and Islands, which I have to confess to rather enjoying. My work is split dealing with private clients who own large rural estates and public utilities such as water and electricity companies. Negotiating the purchase of land for new Water Supply Treatment Works and Sewage Works seems to be the bulk of my work at present along with all the necessary legal agreements for laying the associated pipes. Dull as it must sound, it does take me to every corner of the highlands and last month I spend a week in the Western Isles putting together agreements and carrying out valuations of new sites.        
    Aside from work, I have over involved myself in Community Council matters and Community Development Fund Committees. I recently took over as Chairman of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors Highland Area, which has toppled the balance to becoming overly busy. I have therefore decided to step away from a few Committees to give myself more time to concentrate or career, home as well as Clan affairs.
    The Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs are becoming an increasingly active group and are working towards holding a Gathering of the Clans in Edinburgh in the summer of 2009. Further details of the event can be found at Whilst I have not explored the idea with other Clan MacLennan Associations, it has crossed my mind to having a MacLennan Clan presence at this event and if there is enough interest from Clan members, this event could form part of a MacLennan Gathering, part of which can be in the Highlands for just the MacLennans followed by combining it with the Gathering of the Clans in Edinburgh. Perhaps this is something, which can be discussed amongst individual Committees in due course. Any feedback at this stage would be appreciated.
    Both sisters Kirsteen and Lorna are well. Kirsteen and her husband James live through in Fochabers in Morayshire but come through to Dores for a visit every now and again. They are well practiced at holding dinner parties so there is no surprise that they get the rest of us through visiting quite a lot. Lorna recently celebrated her 33rd birthday and had a party at the house in Dores. There was a Mexican theme to the party, which resulted in a variety of unusual costumes.
    In closing my short message, I wish to thank those of you who are continuing to work to keep the Clan Association active and to those members who continue to support the Clan. Your dedication does not go unnoticed, especially as your Association is going through a period of transition, which will hopefully result in a refreshed and efficient Committee leading your Association towards a period of growth in membership.

Kind Regards
Chief Ruairidh

Editor's Note - After receiving this note from the Chief and conferring with other MacLennans in the Rocky Mountain area, it has been ascertained that there is a great deal of interest in attending this event not only as family but also as a contingent of Clan MacLennan USA members.  Please visit the aforementioned website and request to be added to their mailing list so you can receive updates as they become available.  This is an event of a lifetime and Clan MacLennan USA will most definitely want play a role in supporting not only our Chief but Clan MacLennan worldwide at this event.  As we approach the AGM later this month, it would be a good time to announce the creation of a '2009 Gathering Committee' and those interested in serving should contact either David or myself.  Here is a short piece from the website to whet your interest!

Holyrood Park, Edinburgh
Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th of July 2009
The Gathering 2009 will take the form of an international clan gathering and the largest highland games ever held in Scotland, and will be one of the key events of Homecoming Scotland.

It is estimated that there will be over 80 clan tents, with around 7500 clan and Scottish association members from around the world. The highland games will attract a further 30,000 people over the two days.

It will showcase competitors from all disciplines that constitute a traditional highland games such as piping, dancing, and heavy athletics.

The special clan ceremony will take the form of a clan parade on the Royal Mile culminating in a unique clan pageant on the magnificent esplanade of Edinburgh Castle.

David  Colleen

Letter from the President

This will be my last message to you as your Interim President.

I was going to start with the message about our Association and exhort you to support us, by becoming or continuing to be active.

But Editor Colleen has done that very well in this issue. So, suffice it for me to endorse her comments wholeheartedly. The Association really is YOU - the members... no more and no less.

Since the changes that started in June, we have accomplished a lot...

  • We are now operating with a set of By Laws. They are Draft at present and will become Final and established as soon as a slate of Officers is elected at the general meeting. See July Newsletter for the draft copy.
  • Banking is established and running smoothly.
  • Committees and activities have direction and coordination.
  • Proxy voting is established to enable those not able to attend the general meeting to vote.
  • We have members coming forward to run for at least some of the Executive positions, and more should be recruited before the actual meeting.
  • The Chief's announcement mentioned below.

It has been a lot of hard work, and there have been some difficult decision to make and it could not have been done without sacrifices and contributions.

In particular, I heartily thank:

- Jennifer Young and Colleen MacLennan McKeon who bore the brunt of contribution and sacrifice as they joined me as the Interim Executive. Our goal has been to put the house in order and be able to pass over to the incoming Executive a vibrant and healthy organization.

- Dale Young who so ably fulfilled the Treasurer role and has the banking arrangements solidly in place and working smoothly.

- And Marilyn Baumeister who shared with us the very valuable help and insights about past operations and practices that come from her extensive experience and connection with the previous associations so that we could transition to a new and workable organization without losing all the past experiences. And, Marilyn is very generously hosting the tent at Stone Mountain this year.

Thanks to all!

Looking ahead to the general meeting...

Section 401 of the By Laws provides for an Executive Committee of 7 to manage the organization, comprised of:

5 Officers

Vice President
Communications Secretary

2 At Large Members

I will stand for election, but if anyone else wants the job, I'll be happy to help with a smooth transition! Colleen has indicated that she will stand for a Secretary Office, and continue to do the Newsletter and try to recruit help on the newsletter. Dale will stand for Treasurer. Jim Logan is able to resume activity with the Clan and will run for VP or At Large. Marilyn will help in any way she can. So, we have the nucleus of interest and commitment.

But none of us have any sense of ownership about these positions! We'd welcome any and all others running for any of the positions. Just let me, Jennifer, Colleen or anyone you know who will be at the meeting know of your interest and willingness to run, and we'll find a way to get you involved.

Murdo MacLennan has indicated willingness again to be our Merchandise Manager and Alexandre McKeon to continue as Youth Coordinator. Other critical activities that need a Coordinator are: Membership and Conveners. As Colleen indicated, please consider how you can help YOUR organization.

Thank you in advance and on behalf of ALL members!

And looking further ahead...

Ann and I are also very interested in the 2009 Gathering in Edinburgh that the Chief and Colleen mentioned above. I was in Edinburgh in 2005 for a Pipefest celebration where 9,100 pipers and drummers did a massed parade in Holyrood Park, Edinburgh. I can assure you that Edinburghers and Scots really do know how to have a good time and ensure that all their visitors do also!

Yours aye!
David Jones

General Meeting Reminder

Annual General Meeting

Saturday October 20, 2007
6:00 PM
Holiday Inn Express Stone Mountain
1790 East Park Place Blvd.
Stone Mountain GA 30087
[approx. a mile from Stone Mountain Park gates]

Proxy Voting  encouraged for all members over 18 years of age.
Proxy Form can be printed from this site - click here

Note that the Draft By Laws will come into effect at this meeting with the election of Officers.
Check out the draft By Laws and submit comments.

Consistent with our Youth and fellowship goals, we are fortunate to have a young lady - Sarah Givens -  a McClendon and clan member - and an accomplished harpist who will be playing at the tent in addition to her competition and performances.

Reach the Interim Executive at

Youth In The Spotlight

We are proud to introduce Lexi Ludeman, proud Clan MacLennan Youth Member in Colorado.  Lexi is a member of not only her school basketball team but also her volleyball team.  Lexi attended the Highlands Ranch Festival in Colorado in August with her family and was given a Youth Membership by her Grandmother, Jeanette MacLennan Ludeman as a way of not only introducing Lexi to Clan MacLennan USA but also with the hope that Lexi and other youth will get involved, become educated as to Clan history and participate in future Clan MacLennan activities.  We are hoping Lexi will soon start Highland Dance lessons and continue where older sister Shaunda left off!

Youth Pages

Welcome to the YOUTH PAGES! We are seeking youth of all ages to not only join Clan MacLennan USA but to get involved by acting as a Youth Photographer and sending us your photos of all things Scottish/Celtic. Send us a photo of your pipe band practice, or one of you completing in dance, or one of your family at a festival. Represent your Clan by participating as a Youth Reporter and write a short piece about your day at a festival or how it felt to get your first kilt or whether you want to learn to play the bagpipes, drums or harp. So join us, write to us, send a photo or two and get involved!
The Youth Pages are available on the Website at and there is also a link on the main website to the Youth Pages. There are new Youth Pages every quarter with puzzles, coloring pages and interesting information for youth of all ages regarding Clan MacLennan, the Chief, Coat of Arms, and lots of other interesting topics. There are contests, drawings and prizes so please make sure your MacLennan youth views the Youth Pages and has a chance to participate, learn and win a prize too! Please bookmark the above link and visit the Youth Pages often with your children/grandchildren and enter to win!
The purpose of the Youth Pages is to educate, inform and promote interest in all things MacLennan and Scottish. The youth of today are the conveners, Chief's Lieutenants, bagpipers and drummers, dancers and leaders of tomorrow. We hope to provide information on a variety of subjects important to the Clan and Scots to youth of all ages and it is our goal to do that in fun, informative and interesting ways. We are always open to suggestions and appreciate your comments both positive and negative and we especially enjoy receiving the entries and papers from the youth.
Clan MacLennan Youth Program 11757 W. Ken Caryl Avenue
Littleton  CO  USA  80127

A Wonderful Way To Honor Those Who Have Passed On

In years past, several MacLennan families have honored and remembered those family members who have passed on by sponsoring an award in a particular event in the deceased member's name.  This Memorial Award has been a family tradition for the McKeon children who chose to remember their father Brian McKeon who died while they were very young by sponsoring an award at every festival they convened with their mother Colleen MacLennan each year.  For the past 19 years Brian has been remembered at festivals by a Memorial Award for either Drumming or Piping.  This year, Clan MacLennan members at the Highlands Ranch Games in Colorado sponsored 6 additional Memorial Awards for family members who have passed.  This has become a tradition for Clan MacLennan in the Rocky Mountain region and we hope it is a tradition that will spread across the country. What better way to honor our deceased MacLennan members while also providing awards to those who provide so much music, entertainment and hope for the Clan.  Check with your event chairman and request information with regard to sponsoring Memorial Awards this coming festival year and be sure to share your Memorial Award information with us.  Please join us in remembering the following MacLennan family members:

Brian McKeon     Frank Ludeman     Jerry MacLennan     John Bever     Chris MacLennan     Kenny Nelson  

Clan MacLennan Goodies For Sale   

As we continue to improve and update the Clan MacLennan USA website we want to remind you to visit the website and see all the items we now have for sale.  You will be able to purchase these items online with a credit card by November or you can order any of the items by sending a check to the Secretary. 


3rd Quarter 2007 Event Dates & Locations


Oct. 5-6 Missouri (St. Louis) St. Louis Scottish Games
Oct 5-7 North Carolina (Red Springs) Flora MacDonald Highland Games
Oct 5-7 Georgia (Hartwell) Loch Hartwell Highland Games and Scottish Festival
Oct 6 Connecticut (Goshen) Scottish Festival
Oct 6-7 Nevada (Reno) Reno Celtic Celebration
Oct 6-7 Maryland (Furnace Town) Chesapeake Celtic Festival
Oct 6-7 Louisiana (Monroe) Northeast Louisiana Celtic Festival
Oct 12-14 California (Ventura) The Seaside Highland Games
Oct 12-14 Pennsylvania (White Haven) Harpers' Escape Weekend
Oct 13 Maryland (Annapolis) The Anne Arundel Scottish Festival
Oct 13 Virginia Radford Highlanders Festival
Oct 13-14 Texas (Bedford) Celtic Heritage Festival
Oct 19-21 Georgia Stone Mountain Highland Games and Scottish Festival
Oct 20 Texas (Houston) Clear Lake Celtic Music Festival
Oct 20-21 New Mexico (Rio Rancho) Rio Rancho Highland Games and Scottish Festival
Oct 20-21 Texas (Amarillo) League of Celtic Nations Celtic Festival and Highland Games
Oct 27 North Carolina (Waxhaw) Waxhaw Scottish Games
Oct 27-28 Virginia Richmond Highland Games and Celtic Festival

Nov 3-4
Austin Celtic Festival
Nov 9-11
Baltimore Irish Festival
Nov 9-11
Scottish Clan Gathering & Highland Games
Nov 9-11
Scottish and Irish Festival at the Fernwood Hotel and Resort
Nov 10-11
Highlands and Islands Scottish Games
Nov 16-18
Highland Games of Louisiana
Nov 17
Dunedin Celtic Festival

Dec 1
rish Christmas in America
Dec 2
Celtic Christmas Faire
Dec 8-9
Rotonda Elks Gaelic & Celtic Festival

Please send us your Festival Information to 
and we'll be happy to include it in the next Clan Piper in January!

Contributed By Colleen MacLennan


Jennifer Young is serving as the Interim Membership Chair and can be contacted for any questions relating to membership at:
288 White Road
Portland, TN 37148

Clan MacLennan USA is rebuilding, revitalizing and renewing it's pledge to support the Clan, its members and the organizations' goal.  Please join today and help Clan MacLennan USA grow and represent you.

Please join us in welcoming the following new members to Clan MacLennan: David Clapp, Donald McLennan, Ann MacLennan Bever, Robert Hale Sr., Christina Ludeman, Mary Jeannette MacLennan Ludeman, Ronald C. MacLennan, Banning P. McKeon, Will Baumeister, Sarah Givens (youth), Lexi Ludeman (youth).

And to make it easier... we're pleased to announce that you can now subscribe online and pay with your credit card!

VISA / MASTERCARD / AMEX or PayPal account.!

Click here to go over to the Membership Application form, and from there link directly to make your online payment.

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