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Stone Mountain 2007

submitted by David Jones
Photos by David Jones


Marilyn Baumeister hosted the tent. Jim Logan provided much of the paraphernalia and banners, a secret host entertained [see below where we reveal the secret!]

Will and Marilyn Baumeister

Will and Marilyn Baumeister

Bob Waugh, Pam Lorens, Don Waugh

Bob Waugh [Don's brother], Pam Lorens, Don Waugh

Bob Waugh's kids - Jennifer, Evan, Ian

Bob Waugh's kids catching a quick rest...
Jennifer, Evan, Ian

Will and Heard Baumeister

Will and Heard Baumeister

Sarah Givens in concert

Srah Givens in concert...

Sarah is a Youth Member and recipient of a clan scholarship. She played for us on Sunday morning, despite the cool temperature in the shade because she had been busy competing Saturday [she won!] and was to participate later Sunday at the har[p demonstrations. We all appreciated the lovely sound and were treated to both traditional tunes and one of Sarah's own compositions!

Sarah watched by Marilyn, Heard, Will, Pam and Becky

... watched by Marilyn, Heard and Will Baumeister, Pam Lorens and Becky Givens

Sarah, Backy, Emily Givens

Sarah, Becky and Emily Givens

Pres. David with Clan Guthrie Convener Dwan Hightower

Dwan Hightower is Clan Guthrie's Southeastern Convener, a published author, a publisher, and a good friend whom Ann and I met when Dwan had "retired"  for a while and lived in our  part of Florida.

Under Dwan's guidance, Clan Guthrie has won the "Best Tent" twice at Stone Mountain HG.

During Saraah's concert,  Dwan  dropped by and was surprised and impressed with our concert.

So, a bit later, I couldn't resist the temptation to drop by Dwan's tent and ask if I could attend their conceret! Dwan admitted, "You got us there!"

* * * FLASH BULLETIN!! * * *

Clan Secret Revealed!

Santa Discovered to be a MacLennan

Stone Mountain, GA, October 2007 -  It is surely one of the best kept secrets, but we have now confirmed the amazing discovery... Santa is a MacLennan!

Consistent with our emphasis on Youth, we'll be sure to put our Youth Coordinator in touch with Santa. However, we noticed that Santa MacLennan, in true clan tradition, appeals to youth of all ages.

Santa is a MacLEnnan?

Vicky Gilgrist & Santa Maclennan

And he even brought his family to the Games again this year.

Charles McLendon [Santa] family

Center seated - Charles H. McLendon, Jr. (Santa Maclennan)
After several years I have become known as
the 'Highland Games Santa' for the Stone Mountain Games

This is the second year in a row that Santa has had three generations
Of his family present for the games.

Santa is holding his grandson, Grant (4 weeks old)
Standing beside him - his grandson, Wyatt (born in December of

Standing behind Santa from right to left:
Santa's son, Charles H. McLendon, III; next is Santa's wife, Gena
McMillan McLendon; next my son's wife, Tiffany McLendon; next my
daughter Jenny Bishop and her husband, Cliff Bishop ( his first time to
the gathering of the clans)

Hope this will be helpful and a fun note for the paper.
[Author's Note: Yes, Santa, most fun and helpful! Thank you!]

Now, the USA branch of the Clan have made quite a startling discovery and significant addition to Clan lore...

Over in Scotland, Chief Ruairidh lives almost on the shore of Loch Ness... perhaps if he were to observe diligently during one of his walks along the shore, he might be able to add to Clan fame by making a significant discovery in connectin with 'Nessie - the elusive Loch Ness Monster.

Visitors from Afar!

Jim and Carol Logan, Pittsburgh, PA

James and Carol Logan, Pittsburgh, PA

Their trip of about 700 miles to be with us is actually about the same as that of Don Waugh and Pamela Lorens who traveled 700 miles from Miami FL

The rest of us on the Executive each traveled about 300 miles - Marilyn and Jim Logan from South Carolina,  Dale Young from Tennessee, and  myself  from  a closer  part of Florida. If Colleen had made it, her  trip would  have been 1500 miles!

getting ready for parade of clans

Getting ready for the Sunday noon parade of Clans
Over 100 clans were represented on the field by some 600 people
Since there were 30 bands massed on the field Saturday with over 500 musicians, it's no wonder the Clan parade is done separately!

Front L to R: Carol Logan, Heard Baumeisiter, Marilyn Baumesiter
Back L to R: David Jones, Don Waugh, Will Baumeister, James Logan

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