2018 Genealogy Day programme

Welcome to the programme for the International Clan Maclennan Genealogy Day 2018

Open to the Public

Wednesday 4th July

Genealogy Day: 9.30am – 4.00pm

Beaufort Hotel:  Hosted by Bruce McLennan with recognised specialists and Clan speakers:

9.30 Keynote address by educator and author Neil McLennan, past President Scottish Association of Teachers of History: How to approach history

Other topics:
10.30 Clan analysis
11.00 Using the Clan resources
11.20 Domestic life on the west coast in the early 1800s (Liz Forest, West Coast researcher, Trustee Gairloch Museum)
12.15 Tricks we learn from researching in Nova Scotia
1.45  The Clan tourist – preview of book A guide to some MacLennan Places across Scotland is available free to download now
2.20  What modern DNA is revealing (Alasdair Macdonald, University of Strathclyde, Family Tree DNA British Isles, Genealogist and historical researcher, and Your Scottish Heritage)

For further details regarding this event please contact Bruce directly at famhist@clanmaclennan-worldwide.com

Morning and afternoon teas and coffees will be provided. Lunch will be at your own cost.


Neil McLennan
Keynote Speaker, Neil McLennan, Scottish historian, educator and author. Neil is a sought-after speaker who has a regular column in the “History Scotland” magazine and has been President Scottish Association of Teachers of History.

Neil won the Royal Society of Edinburgh Henry Duncan Medal in Social Sciences, Education, Business and Public Sector for 2012-13 for “outstanding contribution to civic society, creativity and social enterprise, education and the social sciences”.

What others say about Neil:
“Mr McLennan is already considered a charismatic visionary in Scottish education circles.” (Anne Simpson, Glasgow Herald, November 2011)
“Neil McLennan’s initiative has achieved an admirable combination of practical social enterprise, educational innovation and the development of active citizenship. That’s the kind of leadership we’re all seeking for Scottish education.” (Alex Wood, Holyrood Magazine, March 2012)

He has also has been:
Principal Teacher History
Curriculum Support Team Leader (History)
Young Scot of the Year 2011 (Institute of Contemporary Scotland)
General Secretary, Royal Society of Edinburgh Young Academy of Scotland
Fellowship Councillor (Scotland) Royal Society of the Arts

He is a board director of Scottish College for Educational Leadership, Scottish Parent Teacher Council and Royal Scottish National Orchestra. His day job is Director of Leadership Programmes at University of Aberdeen.

Liz Forest
Liz Forest is a local historian who lives in Kinlochewe, Wester Ross.  She is a Trustee of the Gairloch Museum.

As part of the volunteer team surveying and recording Scotland’s Rural Past for the Royal Commission on Ancient and Historical Monuments in Scotland, Liz chose the Heights of Kinlochewe as her survey area, bringing her into contact with the lives of the MacLennans who lived there.  Her results were presented at the RCAHMS conference on Scotland’s Rural Past in 2011 and published in the accompanying memoir “Scotland’s Rural Past: Community Archaeology in Action” pp 108-111 “Peopling the Empty Glen” (ISBN: 978-1-902419-79-4).

Liz’s interest in family history started her on the trail of the MacLennan diaspora – including Cape Breton, New Zealand and Chile.

Her research at Leckie and the Heights of Kinlochewe has brought her in touch with many McLennan descendants.

Her book is available in the Clan Genealogy pages – Click here: Settlement Development in Wester Ross – Leckie and the Heights of Kinlochewe

Alasdair F Macdonald
Alasdair Macdonald who has been Scottish representative for Family Tree DNA since 2009. He is not a paid employee of Family Tree DNA.  The Your Scottish Ancestry Project at FTDNA is administered by Alasdair Macdonald.  Participant results are not public unless part of an ongoing research project run by Alasdair.

Genetic genealogy testing continues to be the fastest area of growth within the genealogical and family history world.  However, there may be confusion about what a test result has revealed, or how to best interpret and understand the results. It may simply be that you are having difficulty with navigating the Family Tree DNA website.

Alasdair offers a consultancy service to help get more out of your Family Tree DNA results. This is offered in two forms:
a) DNA results explained: This is a written report of your test results including interpretation of matching, linkage to other individuals and deeper origins.
b) One-to-One consultancy via Skype or email exchange.

a) DNA result explained
This service provides a written interpretation of your test results. The report will evaluate your test results, identify the relevance of particular matches and where necessary highlight false-positive matching.

It will seek to place your results in context with other individuals who have tested and suggest ways to improve and make better use of your results.  The deeper origins of your lineage and its ancestral origin will also be addressed in the report if sufficient testing has been undertaken and information is available.

Suggestions for further testing if appropriate will also be provided.  Specific research questions that the testee wishes addressed can be included in the report after email discussion.
Evaluation is typically for Y-Chromosome tests, but we also undertake interpretation of Family Finder and mtDNA results.

b) One to one help
Alasdair offers one to one tutoring and advice to help maximise the usefulness of your test results.  The consultancy is normally via Skype or Google Hangout.  If neither of these is suitable we can arrange to communicate via email.

Issues which are typically discussed include:
· Which of my matches are important and really relate to my genealogy?
· I have many 12 marker matches.  Are they relevant?
· Why are there different surnames?  Is there illegitimacy in my line?
· What is a Gedcom file and how do I upload it to the Family Tree DNA website?
· How much of my personal information can others in the database see?
· How do I adjust my privacy settings?
· Should I upgrade to a higher level of test?
· What is an SNP test and what will it tell me?
· Should I order the Big-Y test or an SNP pack?
· What projects can I join?
· What benefit is it to join a haplogroup project?
· How do I test for genetic traits?
· I don’t understand how to make the most of my Family Finder matches.
· Can you provide ideas on how to recruit others who have my surname?
· I’m interested in deep ancestry, which test should I take to find out more?
· I am R-M269 and my closet match is R-M222. What does this mean?
· Should I take the Family Finder test or should I order the AncestryDNA test?
· I want to investigate medical conditions within my family, how do I go about that?

The above is just a sample of the type of questions which are raised.

Please email Alasdair for further information alasdair@ftdna.com or visit www.yourscottishancestry.com/page.php/about_us

Bruce A McLennan
Bruce is coordinator of the Clan’s worldwide genealogy resource – www.clanmaclennan-worldwide.com/genealogy/

The database now has extensive coverage of thousands of families in Scotland, as far as records permit.  Many entries are supported by evidence such as citations, certificates, headstones and similar items.

In the parts of Scotland where our Clan members traditionally lived, we have significantly better coverage than ScotlandsPeople.  Many are linked to their descendants in Canada, New Zealand, USA, Australia and elsewhere.

Analysis of our database can now reveal the most likely places we find our Clan members, some occupations and names they gave their children.

Our Genealogy Resource includes a number of books (“Histories”) that can be a help in your own research.