Clansman’s Badge/Crest
A demi-piper all Proper, garbed in a proper tartan of the Clan MacLennan.

Strictly, it is not the Crest of the Clan but of the Chief – it is part of his Arms and as such his personal property. He gives his permission for a clansman to wear it enclosed within the belt and buckle and it is legally known as a clansman’s crest or badge.

Dum spiro spero (Latin: While I breathe, I hope)

More about the origins of the motto at

War cry
Druim nan Deur (The ridge of tears)

More about the Ridge of Tears in Chapter 5 of A Guide to some MacLennan Places across Scotland

Clan Badge
The Clan Badge is Conasg (a sprig of whin, also known as gorse or furze) in bloom, with a white cockade.
1) Ulex Europous
2) Genista anglica (pretty whin)

Whin in flower

Whin in flower

The flower is yellow and blooms in the kissing time … all the time! It has a musty fragrance. This plant was worn by Plantagenets and adopted by our clan after giving warning of enemy approach during darkness. The following verses describe its character:
“Approach it not
for every bloom has a troop of swords “Drawn to defend it.”
“Beautiful gorzes bushes, what are you here for?
> We are little lanterns on your path
But where do you get your prickly thorns from?
> Flowers from above, thorns from below.” (The History of The MacLennan, page 9″)

Arms of the Chief
Or, a heart of Gules between two passion nails joined in base Sable, on a chief Azure a stag’s head cabossed between two antique crowns, all of the First. They are the personal arms of the Chief and may not be used by anyone else.