Five Sisters of Kintail – MacLennan homeland

Plockton, Lochalsh parish, Scotland

Night piping fun on the Clarence

Welcome to Clan MacLennan Grafton

Our Clan Association was the first outside Scotland. Many of our members are descendants of the brother and sisters Alexander (Sandy) or Catherine or Christina McLennan – from Lochalsh parish on the west coast of Scotland. Alexander had married Mary Matheson in Lochalsh parish in 1833. They had planned to migrate to Nova Scotia but heard Rev John Dunmore Lang speaking about opportunities in Australia and changed their plans.  They sailed on the first of Dr Lang’s Highland Emigrants Ships the “William Nicol” from the Isle of Skye  on 06 Jul 1837, arriving in Sydney Cove 27 Oct 1837. At first they settled in the Hunter and, after nine years, moved on to the New England and the Clarence, Alexander and family residing for many years on the Orara.

In 1846, with brother-in-law William Freeman (Catherine’s husband), Alexander pioneered the first overland route from Armidale to South Grafton.

“When residing at Glen Ferneigh in the forties, fifties and early sixties, Mr and Mrs Alexander McLennan were widely known for their open-hearted hospitality. Mrs McLennan survived her husband 17 years, and leaves 140 surviving descendants – four sons and four daughters, 72 grandchildren, and, 60 great grandchildren.” (Clarence & Richmond Examiner 6 Aug 1898)

As well as family trees, our Genealogy section has thousands of pages of documentation by Thora McLeod and David Freeman – available to all subscribers to this Clan association – Click on “Genealogy” in the left menu, then “Register for a user account” – please fill in the form and save it before emailing – also quote your Association membership details.

Alexander is ID number i1891 in the Clan database. Please look for the “Histories” and other media items at the foot of his page.

Our banner features one of our many famous jacaranda trees. The left-side image is the MacLennan homeland, Kintail, on the west coast of Scotland. The 1920s “castle” was built on ruins left since the Jacobite “Rising” of 1719.

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2021 (Easter) Maclean Highland Games – more information at

2021 Glen Innes Celtic Festival

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Our aims are to:

  • Acknowledge in practice the spirit of our ancient motto: “Dum Spiro Spero” (While I breathe I hope)
  • Promote interest in the Clan and foster a spirit of kin and fellowship.
  • Maintain contact with members.
  • Collect and preserve the Clan’s history and traditions.
  • Assist members tracing their family tree.
  • Keep contact with Clan Associations throughout the World. (Presently Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK/Scotland and U.S.A.)
  • To achieve these aims we publish an interesting and informative newsletter three times a year, and we hold three major clan gatherings each year in Melbourne and one in Sydney and attend a number of Highland Gathering events around Australia. Financial membership also provides access to our extensive Mac/McLennan family history database. We are happy to provide further information and welcome applications for membership.



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Wednesday 4th – 8th July 2018 – Worldwide Clan Gathering, Inverness – Click on menu item 2018 Gathering

Thursday 31st May – Sunday 3rd June 2018 – Bonnie Wingham, NSW – We are “Clan of Honour” – join us for our Clan Re-union Click here to book the Re-Union – Also Genealogy day, Bus tour of Clan sites, Clan Tent, Parade, Grand Ball and  more. North Coast NSW McLennans especially welcome. More at

30 – 31 March 2018 (Easter) Maclean Highland Games – more information at