It isn’t by accident that our Clan badge features a piper.

Tunes associated with our Clan include:

Cairns of Drumderfit by famous piper GS McLennan (i11739) – Click to listen – courtesy of Piper Bruce Spence of the Manning Pipes and Drums

Slow March – Loch Duich [1] Click to listen  – see story about this tune: Colonel Farquhar McLennan requested the tune … History of the MacLennans page 224

Retreat – Loch Maree [2] Click to listen

Marches – Muir or Ord [3] Click to listen

MacLennan of Kintail Piobaireachd – MacLennans Return to Kintail
– page 64 in The History of the MacLennans, and
– Interview with William Murdoch MacLennan held at National Library of Australia

Note the Piper on our clan Crest – it reflects the importance piping has within the clan. The actual music selections available above are from  J P Johnson’s Bagpipes at Best (used with permission). Visit his site for a selection of literally hundreds of pipe tunes. Our Links area identifies pipe bands around the world that wear a MacLennan tartan. If you are interested in acquiring a CD recording, here are some suggestions:

  1.  Loch Duich is frequently recorded, often in a set with the slow march Loch Rannoch. A CD by The Queen’s Royal Pipers Journey Through Scotland ARC Music EUCD 1312
  2. Loch Maree – a CD recorded by The Black Watch 1st Btn. Majestic SCOTLAND BGS Productions Ltd. CDITV655
  3. Muir of Ord – a CD by various pipe bands, this recording by the Queens Own Highlanders The Bagpipes and Drums of Scotland – Parade of the Pipers with Eight Scottish Pipe Bands Delta Music Inc / Laserlight 12713

“GS” McLennan wrote the pibroch “The Cairns of Drumderfit” recalling the same event in 1374 that gave rise to our Clan War Cry: “Druim na Deur” (The Ridge of Tears) More at abcnotation.

As death crept upon Pipe Major George S. McLennan, of Aberdeen, Scotland, claimed to be the champion piper of the world, he played his own lament on the bagpipes. Feeling himself, as he said, “slippin awa” he asked his elder son … Read more in our Clan database – Click here (member page).

The (battle of) Park Pibroch also has resonances for our Clan – McKenzies victory (for James IV) over the (McDonald) Lord of the Isles about 1491 (more) confirming the McDonald withdrawal from Ross-shire – see

Clan pipers include (ID number in Clan genealogy database):

Duncan Munro MacLENNAN, MBE 1904 – 1979 (i64656)

Lewis MacLENNAN 1912 – 1995 (i64644)

Pipe Major Alexander “Sandy” McLENNAN 1809 – 1896 (i2226) Widely respected military piper. Won the Prize Pipe of Inverness in 1857 and the Gold Medal in 1860.

Catherine McLennan daughter of Sandy 1857 – 1927 (i8022)  – Both Catherine and her husband taught piping in North Eastern Nova Scotia during the first two decades of the 20th century and they proved to be a major musical influence in Nova Scotia.

Pipe Major Donald “Mor” McLENNAN  abt 1810 (i59637)

Piper Donald Mor McLENNAN bef 1789 (i38148)

Master Piper Donald Ross (“DR”) McLENNAN, Scots Guards and Seaforth Highlanders 1901 – 1984 (i19639) – Half-brother of “GS”.

George McLENNAN 1816 – 1895 (i2826)

Pipe Major George Stewart (“GS”) McLENNAN, Pipe Major Gordon Highlanders, 1883 – 1929 (i11739) –  composed the clan tune “Cairns of Drumderfit

John McLENNAN abt 1803 (i59268)

John McLENNAN abt 1817 (i2894)

Lewis McFarlane McLENNAN, Seaforth Highlanders, City of Melbourne Pipe Band, 1869 – 1947 (i9854)

Murdo McLENNAN 1825 – 1905 (i3786)

The Piping MacLennans of Australia – their story: Click here 

“Return to Kintail” by Ross McLennan is available from the Australian Clan Shop