Clan MacLennan statistics

The statistics displayed in the links below will help us understand the make up, life and activities of the members of the MacLennan Clan.

Graphics displayed draw on all individuals currently in the Clan genealogy database – Mac/McLennans, their spouses, and their children (including the children of females born Mac/McLennan).  It has not been our focus to include individuals born after 1900. In Scotland and other countries recording of births, deaths and marriages was limited before the mid-1850s.

Reports are prepared “on the fly”, as you ask for them, from current data.  They may take a few minutes to run.

Scotland – births by parish, by decade (Shows moves to cities after about 1860)

Life expectation (Little change from a life expectancy of 70-80 years.)

Occupations (Intended to be external income-producing occupations. Generally we do not give individuals occupations like Scholar, At Home, Crofter, Housework, etc) Decades are based on the year of birth. (Shows a shift from occupations to do with land to occupations to do with machinery)

Migrations – choose your countries

Age at marriage (Fairly constant over the century – mainly in their 20s)

Number of children (Shows a slight decrease in family size in the last few decades of the 19th century)

USA – births by State and county, by decade

Canada – births by Province and district, by decade

Australia – births by State and district, by decade

New Zealand – births by Region and district, by decade


An example – births by parish district in Scotland for the 1810s decade:


Example of Clan statistics