Kintail, Scotland - MacLennan homeland

Clan tent at US Highland Games

Highland Games parade

Patrick Howard

Patrick Howard

Welcome to Clan MacLennan USA

We attend Highland Gatherings in different parts of the US.  Our Facebook page is a place to connect with your US MacLennan relatives.

The Clan MacLennan genealogy pages are a place where your ancestors can be properly recorded for posterity.  We already have over 35,000 individuals in our Clan database – with roots going back to Scotland and across the globe. The evidence for the work include official record citations, certificates, headstones and much more. We have coverage of the MacLennans who migrated directly to the US and others via Canada.

Access to the on-line Clan genealogy database is available simply by joining our Clan Association—our membership link should go active soon.

Our most significant event this year was the 2018 Highland Gathering in Inverness, Scotland.  Many US members attended and plans are being made for the next gathering in 2022. To find out more about this year’s gathering, please click on the menu item “2018 Gathering“.

Historical Tidbit:
McLennan County, Texas, is named for Neil McLennan who migrated with his family from Skye in Scotland to North Carolina in 1801 and later to Florida then Texas in self-made ships.  His was one of the first European families to settle in Texas. The right-side banner picture above is an oil-on-canvas mural entitled “McLennan Looking for a Home” painted by Jose Aceves in 1939 as a mural in the Post Office at Mart, TX. Neil is ID number i36535 in our Clan database at  The left-side image is the MacLennan homeland, Kintail, on the west coast of Scotland.  The 1920s “castle” was built on ruins left since the Jacobite “Rising” of 1719.

Upcoming events:

October 19th – 21st, 2018 – Stone Mountain Games, Stone Mountain Park/Atlanta, GA. Click here for more information on the 46th Annual Stone Mountain Games.

June 2019 – Chicago Scottish Festival & 32nd Annual Highland Games, Itasca, IL  – Celtic Rock Stage, Heavy Athletics, Rugby, Highland Dance Competition, Pipe Band Competition, Whisky Tent, Brew Garden, British Car Show, Parade of the Tartans, Haggis Hurling Contest, Haggis Eating Contest, Shortbread contest, Dogs of Scotland Agility Show, food, shopping, and much more.  Click here for more information as it becomes available.

Maclennans are encouraged to email to share local highland games & festival event details.

Our Aims:

Our aims are charitable, educational, cultural and genealogical, namely:

  • Continuation of the family traditions of the MacLennan clan and septs
  • Cultivation of a spirit of kinship and fellowship among members
  • Recording and preservation of the history and heritage of Clan MacLennan and Septs
  • Collection and preservation of the records, traditions, and historical matters regarding Celtic people in Scotland and elsewhere
  • Sponsoring of educational programs regarding the history and culture of the clan and Scotland
  • Assistance to persons eligible for membership in the Association
  • Acclaim of the Clan motto “Dum Spiro Spero”
  • Encouragement of members to participate in the leadership of the Association
  • Supply information and assistance to regional Clan Organizations, except to the extent that such assistance might hinder or restrict these organizations.

Organization Structure

President:  Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) C. Patrick Howard
Secretary & Historian:  Marilyn Baumeister
Treasurer:  Dale Young
Chaplain:  Charlie McLendon
At Large:  Don Waugh II

Eileen MacLennan Johnson
Don Waugh





Clan MacLennan Tartan & Crested Goods for sale:

Some US McLennans:

Neil McLennan, Texas pioneer – Clan database ID number i36535

General Kenneth McLennan, US Marines, served in Korea, Vietnam, Gulf etc – Clan database ID number i22525

Dr Donald McLennan, Medical doctor of San Francisco, Tonga and Hawaii – Clan database ID number i63812

Recent events:

July 4th-8th, 2018 – Clan MacLennan Worldwide Gathering in Inverness, Scotland.   Clansfolk from America joined MacLennans from around the world in celebration of our shared Clan heritage.   A large group of Americans with Mac/McLennan family links traveled  to the Worldwide Clan Gathering in Inverness, Scotland, hosted by Chief Ruairidh MacLennan of MacLennan and the Scotland Association.

June 10th, 2017 – Mother Lode Highland Games, Plymouth, CA – California convener Eileen MacLennan Johnson hosted a MacLennan tent at the Mother Lode Games. More at

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